Dementia: The sign in your mouth that could make you 23 percent more at risk – new study

AS PEOPLE grow older, their risk of cognitive decline increases. As a result, they face the possibility of developing neurological conditions such as dementia, an umbrella of conditions which results in the deaths of thousands of Britons every year. While age is one risk factor for the condition, another can be found near the brain […]

Dementia: Alzheimer’s attacks language centre of the brain – symptoms

DEMENTIA is an umbrella of neurological diseases affecting the brain and resulting in the death of the patient after an often prolonged period. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, a condition first discovered in 1906. While the workings of the disease have remained a mystery, advances in science mean those mysteries are […]

Can’t find your keys? Putting things ‘where they shouldn’t be’ an early sign of dementia

MANY of the warning signs of dementia could easily be confused with normal changes as we age. For example, having memory problems is a common and well-known symptom. However, there are slight differences between the condition and getting older, which could make a difference when it comes to getting a diagnosis sooner rather than later.