The oil price swings dramatically

THE OIL price was supposed to be soaring around now. With American sanctions against Iran taking effect earlier this month, exports from that country, the world’s fourth-largest producer of crude oil last year, were expected to shrink to close to zero. In anticipation the price of Brent crude, the international benchmark, went above $ 86 in […]

Hang in there! Weather anchor dramatically braces against Hurricane Florence winds (VIDEO)

A video of Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes battling wind gusts in the eye of hurricane Florence has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, after two men casually walking by in the background were spotted on live broadcast. During a live Weather Channel broadcast from Wilmington, North Carolina, Bettes is seemingly holding for his life. […]

The cheap rents that some New Yorkers enjoy could be about to change dramatically

Spencer Platt/Getty A decision Tuesday could change rent-stabilized units drastically.  This would be an unprecedented development for NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s administration.  Building owners are proposing rent increases.  One million New Yorkers who live in rent-stabilized housing may be facing rent hikes of an unprecedented scale under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration thus far. […]

Apple is making a small change to the way that iPhones call 911 that could ‘dramatically improve public safety’ (AAPL)

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images Apple is making a change to the way iPhones call 911. For users, nothing will change on the surface. But behind the scenes, your iPhone will provide location data from cell towers, GPS, and Wi-Fi to the 911 call center over a new internet-based path.  Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said it […]

Anti-Semitism dramatically increases across US, says ADL

The US witnessed an unprecedented spike in anti-Semitism in 2017, according to the Anti-Defamation League, with vandalism and school incidents leading the list. Some of the incidents, however, were fake. There were almost 2000 anti-Semitic incidents reported across the US in 2017, including physical assaults, bomb threats, vandalism, and attacks on Jewish institutions, according to […]

Batgirl BAD news: Joss Whedon dramatically QUITS movie – Is it because he's a MAN?

It was a tantlising prospect. Whedon created the groundbreaking female-lead Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse TV series, as well as flexing his blockbuster credentials with the epic first two Avengers movies. For many, many years has also made no secret of his love for female heroes Batgirl and Wonder Woman. His desire to bring […]