Grand Army Premiere: Maliq Johnson on the Netflix Drama’s ‘Authentic’ Look at Issues Facing Black Teens in America

RELATED STORIES Warning: This interview contains mild spoilers from the premiere of Netflix’s Grand Army. Netflix’s newest teen addiction is no Riverdale — and that’s a very good thing. Loosely based on a 2013 play by series creator Katie Cappiello, Grand Army follows five diverse students at a public high school in Brooklyn. The series, which […]

Drag Race All Stars Sneak Peek: Mayhem Miller Calls Out Miz Cracker For ‘Not Feeling Authentic’

Miz Cracker will Ru the day she decided to mess with Ongina. As seen in this sneak peek from Friday’s Drag Race All Stars (VH1, 8/7c), the queens haven’t forgotten what Cracker said to Ongina atop last week’s episode — and they want an explanation. “My intention was to say, ‘Ongina, I want you to […]

Breaking Big: How Lee Daniels Uses His Trauma to Tell Authentic Stories

OZY’s new TV show, Breaking Big, explores the secrets to success.OZY’s new TV show, Breaking Big, explores the secrets to success. Click to find out more. Growing up in the rough neighborhoods of West Philadelphia, Lee Daniels always knew he was different from other kids. Despite losing his father at a young age and witnessing […]

Squidlit Developers Talk About Creating An Authentic GameBoy Recreation

For those of you who miss the many shades of green, the chirpy sound effects, and the simplistic (yet challenging) gameplay of the Game Boy era, Squidlit is the answer to your prayers. A Game Boy-inspired platformer, Squidlit aims to create a nostalgic experience through simulating the limitations of the handheld with their title. In […]

Do you have any tips for aspiring actors who have trouble making their performances seem authentic? How would you suggest getting into a mindset that allows for the actor to deliver a truly authentic performance?

I honestly always tell people to travel the world and listen when people are talking to you. Cause realistically all you are doing if the role isnt too much of a stretch is saying lines in front of a machine Entertainment Weekly

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is great in VR because it feels authentic

Before setting out to work on a VR project it’s important to hone in and focus on something specific as a core mission. Do you want to create something that’s simple and fun? Do you want to make people think, or feel something? Or maybe your goal is to recreate something specific with an authentic […]

For the Dollyrots, crowdsourcing fans free them from labels, keep them authentic

“People are smart enough to know if they really want to support us, they’ll come to a show, buy a shirt, or get a copy of the vinyl.” Musicians with their eyes on the prize tend to have two dreams that they prefer not be mutually exclusive: 1) Make it big, and 2) Make music […]

That Bullitt Mustang found in Mexico is authentic, says vintage Ford expert Kevin Marti

Update: Fox News reports that Kevin Marti, the famed and respected expert on the authenticity of vintage Fords, has examined the car and is “100 percent sure it’s authentic”. Read the Fox News article for more details and the evidence that Marti examined to make the determination. Hope you have your skeptical setting turned up […]

Aladdin live-action remake: White actors will NOT take lead roles in ‘authentic’ cast

Several movies set in Eastern countries have come under fire in recent years over the appearances of white actors in the lead roles. Prince of Persia – which starred the non-Persian Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton – was one notable example. Lego Batman Movie producer Dan Lin, who is Taiwanese, has told Collider that he […]

Facebook to rank content it deems “authentic” higher on the News Feed

Facebook is updating its News Feed algorithm in an effort to rid its site of spam and click-bait. The social network’s content clean-up process began in earnest in 2014 but was renewed in August of last year when it developed its own take on a click-bait targeting system akin to an email spam filter. The […]