Do you have any tips for aspiring actors who have trouble making their performances seem authentic? How would you suggest getting into a mindset that allows for the actor to deliver a truly authentic performance?

I honestly always tell people to travel the world and listen when people are talking to you. Cause realistically all you are doing if the role isnt too much of a stretch is saying lines in front of a machine Entertainment Weekly

Conan drops players into iconic fantasy battles—and their 1930s mindset

Enlarge (credit: Owen Duffy) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at—and let us know what you think. If you want to run a ridiculously successful board gaming Kickstarter campaign, use this tried and tested trick: cram your box full of plastic miniatures. For proof, […]

A 30-year-old who Airbnb-hops around the world explains how a broken kettle helped her escape the ‘scarcity mindset’

Karen Hong Photography Last year, Stephanie Lee saved nearly $ 10,000 in housing expenses when she decided to forgo an apartment in Los Angeles to Airbnb-hop around the world. A freelance writer and the blogger behind FY!S, Lee lived in a series of Airbnb rentals for 11 months in Paris, Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Seoul, Taipei, […]

US military can’t shake Cold War mindset – Russian MOD

The US military seems to be unable to abandon “narrow-minded” Cold War-era thinking, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in response to the head of Special Operations Command, who recently listed Russia as one of America’s primary threats. “The narrow-mindedness of some of Pentagon generals and their obsession with Cold War stereotypes, just as their failure to […]

I went from having zero business sense to building a profitable company — here’s how to develop the mindset you need

Business Insider LinkedIn Influencer James Altucher originally published this post on LinkedIn. After the third attempt and failure at starting a business I said, “That’s it. I’m never doing this again! This is clearly for other people.” I hated it. But I tried again. I had zero business sense. All I knew about business was […]

‘Cold War mindset’: US & Japan present Beijing as ‘enemy’ to boost military ties, says Chinese envoy

Published time: 4 Mar, 2017 03:25 Washington and Tokyo are deliberately portraying Beijing as an enemy to strengthen their security alliance, China’s ambassador to Japan has said, expressing dissatisfaction with their “Cold War mindset” and latest attempts to contain China’s regional ambitions. “It sounds as if Japan and the United States are purposely taking China […]