‘Parks and Recreation’ Reruns Heading to Comedy Central Starting in January 2019

Comedy Central already has reruns of The Office airing all the time, and they’ve just picked up the syndication rights to the spiritual sister to the mockumentary series that takes place in the historic town of Pawnee, Indiana. All seven seasons of Parks and Recreation are heading to Comedy Central starting in January of 2019. […]

Squidlit Developers Talk About Creating An Authentic GameBoy Recreation

For those of you who miss the many shades of green, the chirpy sound effects, and the simplistic (yet challenging) gameplay of the Game Boy era, Squidlit is the answer to your prayers. A Game Boy-inspired platformer, Squidlit aims to create a nostalgic experience through simulating the limitations of the handheld with their title. In […]

Be Kind, Rewind, and Look at This Incredible Miniature Recreation of a Mom-and-Pop Video Store

Oh hi, if you need us we’ll be performing some kind of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids/Downsizing type of black magic to check out this badass miniature video store, up close and personal. It was created by FX designer Andrew Glazebrook — better known as Morbid Decay in nerdy creative circles. If you still lament […]

Treat Yo Self: ‘Parks and Recreation’ Auction Is Selling Artifacts of Pawnee

Perhaps the best item that any pop culture fan can get is a prop from their favorite movie and TV show. The only problem is that they can be rather expensive. But if there’s any show that can convince you to “treat yo self,” it’s the beloved NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, and you’ll have […]

Tent-trailer camping goes off-road with Freespirit’s Recreation Journey Basecamp

If your idea of tent camping extends beyond what you carry strapped to your backpack, variations abound. Freespirit Recreation’s Journey Basecamp Package combines a rugged off-road trailer with a trailer tent. The combination gives you spacious accommodations you can take off-road without needing to break the tent down every time you want to drive off, as is […]

Celebrate Another Year of Star Wars Mania with a Recreation of 'That' Rogue One Scene

GIF Star Wars Celebration, being the galaxy-engulfing behemoth that it is, has had its share of hyped reveals and trailers this year. But there have also been some genuinely cool little moments. I’d definitely call this one of them. Advertisement The Star Wars UK Twitter shared a video of a group of cosplayers and fans […]