Exclusive: Valve walks us through Artifact’s new demo, leaves us wanting more

Enlarge / Getting one’s Artifact on. (credit: Valve Software) Editor’s note: This feature’s two videos include transcripts, and many of their details appear in the article’s text and galleries. So however you want to learn about Valve’s latest video game, Ars has your back. BELLEVUE, Washington—Right as this article goes live, Valve Software is taking […]

Push It: Volvo’s Got a Solution for Owners Wanting a Livelier Rear End

If only all automakers had what Volvo’s offering. Starting this month, buyers wishing for more of a sports car experience from their all-wheel drive, non-hybrid Volvo can hack some more attitude into it. On Wednesday, the Swedish automaker announced the availability of new software developed by its Polestar performance division that should do the trick. […]

Syria ‘chemical attack’: Top Tory criticizes Corbyn’s Labour for wanting evidence

A Tory minister has condemned Labour’s official response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria for not mentioning Russia or Iran, despite the fact the government’s own statement on the matter didn’t mention them either. Labour was criticized by a top Conservative official for its response to Saturday night’s alleged chemical weapons attack in […]

Toto Wolff reacts to Christian Horner’s comments on Mercedes wanting Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull’s Horner reckons the Mercedes are interested in employing Ferrari’s lead driver in their car. Any move for Vettel would mean Mercedes axing either Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas. And Wolff has branded Horner’s comments as “mischief” ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone today. “Christian has been planting a little bit of […]

Netflix CEO on Cannes Controversy and Wanting to Cancel More Shows

This year’s Cannes Film Festival came to end a few days ago, but ripple effects from events that transpired there will be felt on the French fest in the years to come. You may have heard about the controversy that arose surrounding Netflix’s involvement there, and today Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has spoken more about what went down. […]

Manchester bombing: United Airlines issues waiver for people wanting to DELAY travel plans

The UK recently upped the terror threat level to critical, the highest on the threat list. As the first time since 2007, it has created uncertainty in the travel industry regarding travel to the country. United Airlines has since announced that they are to bring in a travel waiver for all of their passengers flying […]

Next time you complain about wanting something on Twitter, you might just get it

Shutterstock Next time you tweet about being cold in the office, it’s not a stretch that a sweater will be hand-delivered to you shortly thereafter.  Social analytics company SocialRank has spent the last few years helping brands and celebrities alike find their most valuable Twitter followers, whether it’s ranked by number of followers or by […]