Push It: Volvo’s Got a Solution for Owners Wanting a Livelier Rear End

If only all automakers had what Volvo’s offering. Starting this month, buyers wishing for more of a sports car experience from their all-wheel drive, non-hybrid Volvo can hack some more attitude into it. On Wednesday, the Swedish automaker announced the availability of new software developed by its Polestar performance division that should do the trick. […]

Volvo’s new brand is devoted to app-based car services

Volvo is launching another spinoff brand, but this time it’s not about convincing you to buy a car… in fact, it might wean you off ownership altogether. The Swedish automaker has unveiled M, a badge devoted to “rethinking traditional car ownership” with an “intuitive app.” Details of what that involves are unsurprisingly vague. However, M […]

Polestar Update: Tuner Volvos to Stay; Stand-Alone Stores for EVs Won’t Be Company Owned

– Last year, Volvo announced it was expanding the purview of its Polestar high-performance sub-brand by making it a separate entity that would produce its own vehicles, and the debut of the first one, called simply the 1, followed shortly. This 600-hp plug-in hybrid is a carbon-fiber-bodied Volvo S90–based coupe; its electric-only range towers over […]

Volvo’s NEW electric car to have over 250 miles of range, here’s when it will launch

Volvo will introduce its first all-electric car from 2019.  The car manufacturer recently turned Polestar a completely into a separate brand, which would be focused entirely on electrified vehicles.  Polestar revealed details of the ‘1’ earlier this year which produces 600bhp and 1,000Nm of torque and will be sold entirely online and limited to 500 […]

Polestar 1 2019 REVEALED – Volvo’s luxury performance electric car brand reveal first car

Volvo’s performance brand, Polestar has revealed its first car.  Polestar 1 is a luxury performance electric car, which is the first of three vehicles that the brand will push.  The new car produces 600bhp and 1,000Nm of torque from its four-cylinder Volvo Drive-E hybrid engine.  This engine allows the car to travel up to 150km […]

It never got paid for the Volvos, but could Sweden mediate with North Korea?

STOCKHOLM — Sweden has not yet been paid by North Korea for the hundreds of Volvo sedans it imported in the 1970s and which can still be seen on the streets of the communist country. While the deal was not the commercial success that was hoped for, it’s a reminder of Sweden’s long involvement in […]

Volvo’s decision to join Tesla by going electric makes perfect sense

Volvo On Wednesday, Volvo Cars announced that its entire lineup with either become electric or hybridized by 2019. For cynics, Volvo’s announcement is a mere PR stunt designed to capitalize on the propulsion method du jour. After all, Tesla, a company that sells less than 80,000 electric cars a year now boasts a market cap […]