My Final Appeal to Emmy Voters: Please Don't Forget These 3 Underdogs

The nomination-round voting period for the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards closes on Monday at 10 pm/PT, and I have a hunch there will be a lot of 11th hour ballot activity going on over the weekend. To all you procrastinating Academy members, I urge you — no, I beg you — to keep top of […]

Lib Dems expect ‘strong second’ place finish in Lewisham East as anti-Brexit voters punish May and Corbyn

Getty Exclusive: The Liberal Democrats are expecting to hoover up anti-Brexit votes and finish second in Thursday’s by-election in Lewisham East. Canvassing seen by Business Insider suggests Sir Vince Cable’s party is going to leapfrog the Conservatives into second place and win a significant chunk of Labour voters. “The anti-Brexit message has got through to […]

Clean air, water on voters’ agenda, but not Congress’

Enlarge / Congressman Mo Brooks wanted to know if scientists were including the influence of rocks falling into the ocean when they calculated sea level rise. A poll came out this week indicating that huge majorities of the US public think that the federal government isn’t doing enough to protect the environment. About 70 percent […]

Britain’s leading pollster says Brexit voters could save Theresa May in the local elections

Getty Voters go to the polls across England today in a major test of Theresa May’s leadership. Leading pollster Sir John Curtice tells Business Insider that the prime minister could win a number of victories as Brexit supporters across England hand the Conservatives crucial gains. Labour, meanwhile, is set to make big gains in London […]

Le Pen seeks party rebranding into ‘National Rally’ to better appeal to French voters

France’s National Front party is planning a makeover, to counter public misconceptions about it. The move, leader Marine Le Pen hopes, will ensure the nationalist faction a firm position in power for decades to come. The leader of the National Front, Marine le Pen, formally proposed changing the name of the party to ‘National Rally’ […]

Italian polls prove again EU project ‘is not working,’ says UKIP as voters back anti-establishment

As projections show that voters in Italy are giving a cold shoulder to the ruling center-left, it’s proof yet again that the EU project is not working, UKIP said in reaction to Sunday’s poll. “The election in Italy just adds more weight that the EU project is not working. But we all know what the […]

Malaysia is giving away $1.6 billion in free money to its citizens, and rejects claims it is using the funds to influence some voters

ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images Malaysia’s government is rolling out $ 1.6 billion of cash giveaways this week. The 1Malaysia People’s Aid is supposed to be an aid package to help 7 million residents around the country, but the opposition claimed the purpose was to buy votes. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak rejected those claims, saying […]

Russian trolls used Tumblr to influence American voters

If you thought that Tumblr was just fan fiction and monochrome erotica GIFs, then you probably haven’t been paying attention. The blogging platform has also, in recent years, become a hotbed of Russian activists seeking to disrupt American politics. That’s the charge leveled at the platform by Buzzfeed and Professor Jonathan Albright, an authority on […]

‘Russia’s all we talk about but voters don’t care’: CNN reporter admits network’s obsession on air

CNN political reporter Maeve Reston half-joked about her network’s obsession with all things Russia, but at the same time admitted that the voting public simply doesn’t care about the “Russiagate” conspiracy. Reston was discussing voter sentiment with CNN’s White House Correspondent Sara Murray on Sunday’s ‘Inside Politics’ show when she made the surprising on-air remark. […]

10 Last-Minute Actor Suggestions for Academy Voters

Nominations voting closes tomorrow for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and with the major critics’ prizes and Golden Globes handed out, conventional wisdom has coalesced around a handful of names for acting nominations: McDormand, Ronan, Oldman, Rockwell, Chalamet, Robbie, Janney, Metcalf, etc. But if I may bend your ear for […]