All over US, polling places freeze when faced with the unexpected: voters

American midterm elections are normally sleepy affairs, but 2018’s hyper-partisan atmosphere has voters turning out in record numbers. Polling places were unprepared for the onslaught and machines broke down all over the country. In New York City, broken and jammed machines thwarted thousands of voters from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side and the Bronx, […]

‘Load of s**t’ Fans rage at Remainer Natascha McElhone 'RECRUITING' Brexit voters on cusp

British actress and political activist Natascha is well-known for her popularity in US film and television, and now the star is returning home for a foray into space drama The First, which premieres on Channel 4 Thursday, November 1. Appearing on ITV programme This Morning, the actress shared details on the exciting new project, which […]

22 regional Russian leaders including Moscow mayor to be chosen by voters on single election day

Russian citizens go to the polls on Sunday to elect the heads of 22 regions, including the mayor of the capital, Moscow. They will also elect lawmakers in 16 regional legislatures and thousands of municipal councils. The Moscow mayoral elections are probably the most important event of election day, with five candidates running for the […]

This poll shows millions of Brexit voters now want to remain in the EU

Jack Taylor/Getty Images Around 2.6 million voters have switched their support from leaving the EU to remaining, major new polling shows. Around a million voters have switched their support in the other direction, meaning a net total of 1.6 million more voters now support remaining in the EU compared to 2016. Campaigners say it adds […]

Meet the Millennial Georgian Inspiring Asian-American Voters

Sam Park picks at his lunch at El Torero, a Mexican restaurant in Duluth, a northeastern suburb of Atlanta. It’s a somewhat ironic choice, given that the 32-year-old politician could have picked from dozens of nearby places to emphasize his Korean heritage in a neighborhood where Eastern churches and Asian grocery stores abound. This is […]

Labour will lose a big chunk of voters if it doesn’t oppose Brexit, a new poll finds

Rob Stothard / Stringer / Getty Images Labour will lose a big chunk of support if it doesn’t oppose Brexit.  If there was an election before Brexit, just 19% of people would vote for Labour if it doesn’t oppose Britain’s EU exit, while the Conservatives would be 9 percentage points ahead, a YouGov poll has […]

Help from above? Chicago mayoral candidate hands out stacks of cash to voters

Willie Wilson, a millionaire Democrat businessman running for mayor of Chicago, handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to potential voters in a church on Sunday, allegedly to “help them pay property taxes.” Speaking in a black church at an event on Chicago’s crime and poverty-stricken south side, Wilson passed out notes from […]

Trump accuses May of letting down Brexit voters by getting ‘involved back’ with the EU

Donald Trump says May’s Brexit plan is not what British people voted for. The president says “Brexit is Brexit,” and suggests the prime minister is moving away from that. He claims that Brexit voters may not get “what they voted for. The comments come ahead of his controversial four-day visit to Britain. LONDON — Donald […]

UK officials show contempt for what voters love by ditching World Cup in Russia – John Pilger

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has blasted British politicians for refusing to attend World Cup matches in Russia, as the national team makes a historic run in the tournament. “Not a single UK official was in the stadium to see England’s magnificent win v Sweden,” Pilger, whose documentary work earned him many prestigious awards, […]