UKIP to allow debate on membership for right-wing activist Tommy Robinson

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) will allow a debate to be held on whether the controversial right-wing activist Tommy Robinson will be allowed to join the party. “UKIP Party Chairman Tony McIntryre has come to a decision on allowing a debate at the party conference on whether Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join […]

UKIP will reportedly join Steve Bannon’s foundation to spread far-right propaganda across Europe — and the EU is said to be spooked

Matt Cardy/Getty; Sean Gallup/Getty Steve Bannon is setting up a new foundation to bolster anti-EU populists in Europe. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has pledged to join it, The Independent reports. The EU is reportedly spooked by the project, and it could have an impact on Brexit negotiations. Layla Moran MP called it an “unholy […]

Italian polls prove again EU project ‘is not working,’ says UKIP as voters back anti-establishment

As projections show that voters in Italy are giving a cold shoulder to the ruling center-left, it’s proof yet again that the EU project is not working, UKIP said in reaction to Sunday’s poll. “The election in Italy just adds more weight that the EU project is not working. But we all know what the […]

Phillip Schofield ERUPTS at former UKIP leader Henry Bolton – 'outrageous'

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby didn’t hold back as they took on the former UKIP leader and his girlfriend Jo Marney.  The controversial pair appeared on the ITV show to apologise for causing offence with recent comments on social media.  However, it seemed that Marney in particular wasn’t completely remorseful, especially surrounding her […]

Ukip leader refuses to quit and warns its ruling executive not to ‘pull party apart’

Getty/Matt Cardy Ukip leader Henry Bolton has insisted he will not stand down. Said that if he is is forced out, it would “pull the party apart.” Ukip leader Henry Bolton has said he will not stand down even if the party’s ruling executive passes a vote of no confidence in him on Sunday. The […]

Claims that Russia backed Brexit are ‘bollocks’ – UKIP donor Arron Banks

Published time: 1 Nov, 2017 13:41 Ex-UKIP donor Arron Banks has dismissed an Electoral Commission probe into his financial support for the pro-Brexit campaign as “bollocks.” He said it is being driven by unsubstantiated rumors of Russian interference in the referendum. “Allegations of Brexit being funded by the Russians… are complete bollocks from beginning to […]

Death of UKIP? Paul Nuttall’s party faces election wipeout

Published time: 9 Jun, 2017 00:36 The UK Independence Party (UKIP) faces a devastating night in the general election and looks unlikely to win any seats, according to exit polls and results in so far. UKIP fielded 377 candidates for the snap election, but if exit polls are correct they will fail to gain a […]

Burqas should be banned because they block Vitamin D from sunlight – UKIP manifesto

Published time: 27 May, 2017 14:38 The UK Independence Party (UKIP) says burqas should be banned in Britain, and its reason is rather off-the-wall. The far-right party says the Muslim garb blocks women from receiving essential Vitamin D from the sun. Read more The party, which has long slammed the burqa, let loose on the […]

UKIP in crisis? Biggest donor & party spokesman jump ship amid ‘war on Muslims’ row

Not a full day had passed since the UK Independence Party (UKIP) launched its new ‘integration agenda’ when already two of its senior figures were denouncing the policy and resigning their posts. Read more First, its largest donor Arron Banks came out to call the set of policies a “war on Muslim religion,” withdrawing his […]

Piers Morgan CLASHES with UKIP leader Paul Nuttall over Burka Ban: 'It's total hypocrisy'

The MEP told the presenter that the muslim population in the UK is doubling and he did not want the community to be allowed to operate their own courts.  He went on to note that he did not agree with women’s rights being subjugated, adding: “You can’t fully integrate into society with a burka or […]