Portelli’s pitch for Sunlight: ‘She is a machine’

GARY Portelli, the reigning Golden Slipper-winning trainer, knows what he is up against when his fillies Secret Lady and Perfect Pitch take on super filly Sunlight in the Group 3 $ 175,000 Magic Night Stakes (1200m) at Rosehill Gardens on Saturday. Sunlight, winner of the Magic Millions and Silver Slipper at her last two starts, […]

Selling Sunlight tells a tale of a world that has stopped turning

Selling Sunlight is a story-driven role-playing game where the sun always shines — which isn’t as idyllic as it sounds. The planet has stopped turning, plunging one half into freezing darkness and subjecting the other to a blazing heat from perpetual daylight. Indie studio CoseBelle will launch a Kickstarter campaign on September 19 to raise […]

How a town that doesn’t get sunlight for half the year used mirrors to solve its problem

Rjukan, Norway, sits in a valley that casts a shadow over the town for half the year. In 2013, mirrors were installed to reflect sunlight down to the town’s square. Following is a transcript of the video. This isn’t the real sun. This town in Norway received no sunlight for half the year. From early […]

Burqas should be banned because they block Vitamin D from sunlight – UKIP manifesto

Published time: 27 May, 2017 14:38 The UK Independence Party (UKIP) says burqas should be banned in Britain, and its reason is rather off-the-wall. The far-right party says the Muslim garb blocks women from receiving essential Vitamin D from the sun. Read more The party, which has long slammed the burqa, let loose on the […]

The world’s largest ‘artificial sun’ is 10,000 times more intense than natural sunlight — and Germany just turned it on

Germany recently completed its enormous Synlight project. Towering three stories high, the project is the world’s largest collection of film project spotlights in a single room, and the company behind the project — the German Aerospace Center (DLR) — just switched it on. When on, the lights create a combined intensity that’s 10,000x stronger than sun’s […]