There’s a new insecticide on the block, and it’s also bad news for bees

Enlarge / A foraging bee. (credit: Nunzio_Zotti / Flickr) We need bees to pollinate the plants that feed us. And bees need us to stop inadvertently poisoning them with the insecticides we use to keep those plants healthy. Unfortunately, just as we start to make progress on reducing the worldwide use of neonicotinoids (a class […]

‘Bikinis & bees’: The worst and best of Germany’s political posters this election (PHOTOS)

Published time: 23 Sep, 2017 07:45 With less than 24 hours left till Germans head to the polls, active campaigning has ended but the battle for votes continues – you need only take a look at the various campaign posters, ranging from somewhat witty to plain awkward, that still plaster Berlin’s streets. While the mainstream […]

Robotic bees could take the sting out of Colony Collapse Disorder

GUEST: America’s agricultural sector faces an unprecedented crisis. Native honeybees, one of the most prolific pollinators in the animal kingdom, are dying off at an unprecedented rate from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and threatening an ecosystem service worth about $ 15 billion. Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the RoboBees project looks to minimize the loss […]

Are There Black ‘Queen Bees’?

This article is a response to Olga Khazan’s Atlantic article “Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?” In a recent Atlantic article, Olga Khazan examined the finding that the longer a woman has been in the workforce, the less likely she is to want her boss to be a woman. One possible explanation Khazan […]

Study paints a confused picture of how insecticides are affecting bees

Enlarge (credit: Congressman Ted Yoho) There’s widespread agreement that bees around the world are in trouble. A few years back, domestic honey bee nests started experiencing mass die offs, and problems were found in wild bees as well. What’s hasn’t been clear is what the cause might be. Viruses, fungi, and pesticides have all been […]