Colony Cancelled After Three Seasons

Bad news for fans of USA’s Colony: The sci-fi drama’s Season 3 finale is actually going to be the series finale, our sister site Deadline reports. The cable network has cancelled the show, which starred Lost alum Josh Holloway and Prison Break’s Sarah Wayne Callies. RELATEDCable TV Renewal Scorecard: What’s Returning? What’s Cancelled? In its […]

A Welsh colony in Patagonia? Yes. Welcome to the Welsh Wild West

John Malathronas July 13, 2018 Share this article Thanks to an intrepid group of Welsh explorers setting sail from their homeland in 1865, a small slice of Argentinean Patagonia will forever be Wales. John Malathronas investigates. A sign in Spanish hangs on a Monterrey pine: “Malacara, let your memory live with my heirs”. Clery Evans—one […]

Colony: Peyton List, Wayne Brady and 2 Others Join Season 3 Cast

Gotham‘s Peyton List and actor-comedian-game show host Wayne Brady have booked recurring roles on Colony‘s upcoming third season, USA Network announced Wednesday. Additionally, Graham McTavish (Preacher) and Waleed Zuaiter (Altered Carbon) are also set to recur on the sci-fi drama, which returns May 2. RELATED

The Mind’s Eclipse Explores Themes Of Grief And Loss On A Derelict Space Colony

You wake up and everyone on the colony is dead. What happened? How can you escape from there? And… who are you, anyway? This scenario hardly sounds innovative, but science-fiction adventure The Mind’s Eclipse still has a few surprises in store for you. In true adventure gaming fashion, you explore the derelict space station, solve […]

Robotic bees could take the sting out of Colony Collapse Disorder

GUEST: America’s agricultural sector faces an unprecedented crisis. Native honeybees, one of the most prolific pollinators in the animal kingdom, are dying off at an unprecedented rate from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and threatening an ecosystem service worth about $ 15 billion. Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the RoboBees project looks to minimize the loss […]

Saturn’s largest moon has enough energy to run a colony

Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan, is one of the few viable places humans can explore first-hand beyond Mars. It’s relatively safe from radiation, it’s covered in liquid (though not water) and otherwise relatively safe. But could more than a handful of people even stay there for very long? Apparently, the answer is yes. Researchers have conducted […]

Sand worms and lightning: Aven Colony takes city-building to exoplanets

Enlarge (credit: NASA/Getty Images) Humans have consumed our world’s resources as if they were infinite. Earth remains, however, a finite planet. Without significant structural and behavioural change—the sort that is difficult to effect en masse— the long-term consequences of our self-sabotaging choices appear grave. In a forthcoming BBC documentary titled Expedition New Earth the English […]

Worms studio Team17 will publish indie sci-fi city builder Aven Colony

The company behind gun-wielding worms is helping another small studio get its game to the world. Team17 announced today that it will publish the indie game Aven Colony, which has players creating and managing cities on alien planets. It’s yet another example of a long-running indie studio becoming a publisher by taking on another indie […]