‘I never said fast or slow’: Trump has vague timeline for ‘sand and death’ Syria withdrawal

President Donald Trump told reporters that his planned withdrawal of US troops from Syria would take place over an unspecified “period of time,” adding that previous reports of a withdrawal within four months were false. The president announced the pullout from Syria on Christmas Eve, leaving Turkish forces to “eradicate whatever is left of ISIS” […]

NASA discovered an electric blue sand dune on Mars — and the photos are mind-blowing

NASA NASA captured images of this bright blue sand dune on the red planet. The photo was taken in Lyot Crater, known for its patterned ground. The dune has a different composition to dunes nearby, hence its colour.   NASA found an exquisite sand dune on Mars that is literally out of this world, it confirmed […]

‘Underwater Chernobyl’: Norway burying Nazi submarine in sand to stem leak of toxic chemicals

A Dutch firm has been commissioned by the Norwegian government to bury a sunken Nazi submarine in sand to stop the 1,800 barrels of toxic chemicals onboard from leaking into the sea. More than 60 years after the 2,400-ton U-boat was torpedoed by the British Navy off the coast of Norway, the vessel continues to […]

Running rivers in Namibia, far from the sand dunes of the Skeleton Coast

Tim Johnson July 20, 2018 Share this article While most travelers to Namibia head for the Skeleton Coast and world-highest sand dunes, Tim Johnson takes his chances on a trip along the Zambezi, Okavango, Kwando and Chobe rivers. All was calm and peaceful—eerily quiet, you could say—before the hippos came for us. Sliding into the […]

World running out of sand, making it the black market’s hot commodity

A global shortage of sand is prompting black-market gangs to steal large amounts from rivers and beaches. Scientists are warning that the global supply of sand is slipping through our fingers. Statistics show that worldwide, we go through 50 billion tons of sand every year – twice the amount produced by every river in the […]

The world is running out of sand — and there’s a black market for it now

If you’re planning a beach vacation, you’d better get to it soon. An alarming statistic for you: 67% of Southern California beaches? GONE by 2100. All because of sand. Even if you don’t think about the grainy stuff, you use it daily. You’re reading this off something made with sand, looking at it through a […]

The most colourful beaches in the world – with pink sand and purple sunsets

Some of the most colourful beaches around the world have been revealed as the beautiful pictures are captured by lastminute.com. The holiday provider has rounded up some of the most unusual holiday destinations that boast a symphony of colours. From glittering waters to violet sunset, where are the more colourful beaches found in the world? […]

Of Mice & Sand: Revised Brings A Desert Journey And Shelter Management To PC

The desert is a ruthless landscape, a sandy expanse littered with the wastes of abandoned architecture. But in Of Mice & Sand: Revised, an expanded version of a 2017 3DS release, you have the means to cross, with your tiny crew and sprawling home on wheels. Managing them effectively is a different story though. To […]

Surreal Aerial Photos of Roads Overwhelmed by Sand in Dubai

Sydney-based travel photographer Irenaeus Herok captured the epic desert sandstorms that overwhelm the highways in Dubai. (We first learned about the artist’s stunning aerial landscape photos on Honestly WTF.) Dust storms are common in this region, and the bird’s-eye view of the roads overwhelmed by sand offers a surreal perspective. The blog Living in Dubai […]

NZ revelers build sand island to defy alcohol ban, authorities admire their ingenuity

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 20:16 A group of New Year holidaymakers in New Zealand built a sand island in a bid to defy a local liquor ban, local media reports. The authorities turned out to be quite relaxed about it, too, It is illegal to consume alcohol on beaches or in other public places […]