WandaVision’s Emma Caulfield Talks Dottie’s ‘Surreal Moment’ — Plus, Did the Writers Sneak in a Buffy Reference?

RELATED STORIES We don’t yet know who is behind WandaVision’s seemingly perfect alternate reality — is Wanda the architect? Or could this be the work of a malevolent force? — but the Disney+ series is clear about who runs the suburban town within it. In the second episode, titled “Don’t Touch That Dial,” we were […]

James Martin causes Mel Giedroyc to apologise as she interrupts cooking demo: ‘Surreal!’

Whilst a third opposing his demonstration added: “I might put #SaturdayKitchen back on, James Martin is cooking fried bread.” “@jamesmartinchef @sat_jamesmartin beef dripping fried bread with a slab of butter, no,” a fourth remarked. A fifth responded: “@sat_jamesmartin oh James I love you! You have just brought back so many wonderful memories with the fried […]

In photos: The mesmerizing and surreal Pushkar Camel Fair

Annapurna Mellor October 24, 2018 Share this article Every year, some 30,000 camels descend on Pushkar, a small town in the state of Rajasthan, in what’s been billed as India’s “greatest tribal gathering”. Photographer Annapurna Mellor captures the madness. Gazing through his long, sandy eyelashes, the beast stares curiously into my lens. I’ve photographed camels […]

Inside Michael Cohen’s surreal day in court, where Trump took center stage without ever being mentioned

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer President Donald Trump’s name wasn’t said a single time during a roughly 45-minute court proceeding during which his former longtime lawyer entered eight guilty pleas to federal charges. But Trump took center stage at the hearing. Here’s what went down inside the courtroom. NEW YORK — President Donald Trump’s name wasn’t said […]

Half-man, half-fish: The surreal lives of Madagascar’s nomadic fishermen

The culture is fatalistic. This is not to deny the existence of ambition; there’s always the shipbuilding entrepreneur or fisherman who sends his children to an expensive school in Tulear. But focusing too much on the future implies an ability to change one’s circumstances by altering the natural course of events. The Vezo, after centuries […]

Strangeland Promises A Point-N-Click Adventure Through An Eerily Surreal Carnival

Primordia followed a robot’s journey through a rundown and weird mechanical future. Wormwood’s next game Strangeland trades sci-fi for surreal fantasy and robot future for uneasily weird carnival, but the weathered worn pixel art style and sense of discovering a mysterious land remains.

Check out this surreal chat with Theranos investor who says he’s “thrilled”

Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes. (credit: Max Morse for TechCrunch) In yet another jaw-dropping interview that seemed to be broadcast from an alternate universe, venture capitalist Tim Draper tenaciously defended the failed blood testing company Theranos and its disgraced founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes. In the interview, which aired on CNBC, Draper called the […]

Surreal photos from Coachella take you inside the most famous music festival on Earth

Larry Busacca/Getty Coachella may be having its greatest year on record. Fans are losing their minds over one jaw-dropping show after the next at the annual music and arts festival hosted in Indio, California. Though, Coachella is now being called “Beychella” on Twitter, after Beyoncé delivered the headliner-performance of a lifetime on Saturday night. Here’s […]

Beckett Is Surreal Noir That Shifts Based On How you Interact With Its Story & World

Beckett is a detective game about a missing persons investigator on the lookout for someone who’s suffering from a “reality-altering illness”. This will lead the detective, Beckett, into a world where reality is falling apart and life is consumed by the surreal, forcing players to grasp at meaning and imagination to fill in the gaps […]

Bowler – A Game Of Surreal Journeys & Sharp Headgear

Bowler has players guiding a green dude with a sweet hat through a surreal platforming adventure, hopping around some flashing, twisting landscapes. Bowler offers some wonderfully silly lands, as well as wild creatures and beings for players to meet and interact with. At the same time, things can grow suddenly dark and discomforting, its tone […]