The Masked Singer: Up-to-the-Minute Clues About Turtle, Banana & Co.

There are just seven competitors left in The Masked Singer‘s third season and in the coming weeks, as Prince foretold, we’ll watch them fall. But first, we’ve got to figure out who they are. This past Wednesday’s episode of Fox’s musical reality show included the return of the Smackdown round, which pitted Kangaroo against Astronaut; […]

The Masked Singer: Up-to-Date Clues About Kangaroo, Turtle and White Tiger

The Masked Singer‘s Group A is down to three competitors, and that’s how it will stay until White Tiger, Turtle and Kangaroo meet up with Group B and C’s Top 3s in the Super 9 later this season. But before we meet the next round of costumed crooners, how about a quick look at all […]

Convicted turtle trafficker goes international while on probation, gets caught again

A South Carolina man previously convicted of turtle trafficking is facing jail time again for the same crime after pleading guilty to charges of smuggling up to $ 400,000 worth of protected reptiles from Hong Kong to the US. Federal prosecutors said that Steven Verren Baker, 38, of Holly Hill, South Carolina, pleaded guilty on […]

US teacher faces 6 months in jail for feeding live puppy to turtle in front of students

A science teacher in Idaho, who fed a sick puppy to a turtle in front of his students, has been accused of animal cruelty and faces a possible six-month prison sentence, as well as a fine of $ 5,000, if found guilty of misdemeanor. Robert Crosland of Preston Junior High School was charged on Friday, […]

Some Great Barrier Reef turtle populations produce nothing but females

Enlarge / Sea turtle. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Humans figure out whether to develop as males or females based on the presence of a single gene on the Y chromosome. But that’s just one of a dizzying number of ways that plants and animals determine their sex. A large group of reptiles, including crocodilians and many […]

Outlander Offers Up Another Serving of Turtle Soup in Deleted Episode 11 Scene

Who’s ready for more turtle soup? Outlander on Friday released a deleted scene from last Sunday’s episode, “Uncharted.” Yes, it does reference the sherry-filled turtle soup that Claire so greedily slurped down at the end of the episode. Sadly, it does not include more naked funtimes (the soup’s only got so much power, ye ken). But […]

Gonna need a bigger crane: Enormous turtle found on Spanish beach (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 20 Sep, 2017 17:07 A giant sea turtle measuring up to two meters (6ft 7in) in length washed up dead on a Spanish beach, Tuesday. The leatherback – the largest of all living turtles – was found in Calella on the Costa del Maresme in the province of Barcelona. Video footage shows an […]