Why You Should Binge-Watch These Spanish Dramas

English-speaking audiences may have previously dismissed Spanish-language series as melodramatic (see: cries in Spanish), but three recent high-budget Spanish period dramas — Velvet, Gran Hotel and Las Chicas del Cable — deliver addictively complex plotlines that fuse the camaraderie of Grey’s Anatomy, the workplace sexism of Mad Men, the humor of Friends and love stories […]

100 years ago, a train carrying Spanish flu pulled into Calgary. Within weeks, Alberta was in crisis

While those in the prime of their life were victims of both the war and the flu, the war took young men. Women (mainly volunteer nurses and expecting mothers), Indigenous people, and members of the working class were hardest hit by the influenza.

Spanish scientists: EnChroma glasses won’t fix your color blindness

Enlarge / EnChroma glasses have always had both skeptics and true believers. Who’s right? It’s complicated. (credit: EnChroma) The much-touted EnChroma glasses don’t help colorblind users see new colors; they merely let the colorblind see the same colors in a different way, according to a new study published in Optics Express by scientists at Spain’s University […]

The fabulous life of Queen Letizia, a news anchor who married into Spanish royalty

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images In a true Cinderella story, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano of Spain was born into a working middle-class family before marrying royalty in the early 2000s. Now, after having taken the country’s throne in 2014, Queen Letizia is one of the most talked about royals of today, whether for her style or past as a successful […]

Spanish spin? NYT proposes strained Kremlin motive in Skripal case, but analysts don't buy it

The Gray Lady has put some fresh spin on the Skripal saga, with the paper saying the ex-spy may have been a target for Moscow-linked mobsters in Spain. But experts told RT they’re still waiting for evidence of Kremlin involvement. The New York Times article, which cites anonymous sources, claims that Sergei Skripal, a former Russian […]

Sevilla vs Barcelona LIVE STREAM: How to watch Spanish Super Cup live online

Sevilla vs Barcelona LIVE STREAM Sevilla earned the right to take on the Spanish giants by default – the team that wins the Copa del Rey cup usually faces the La Liga winners, but last season Barcelona took home both titles. As Sevilla were the team to play Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final, […]

Spanish tax authorities reduce Cristiano Ronaldo tax settlement by $2.2 million – report

The former Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo had been issued with a fine of $ 21.4 million after being found to have breached Spanish tax laws, but this sum has been reduced by Spanish tax authorities, El Mundo reports. Read more The arrangement between the tax authorities and Ronaldo, who recently signed for Italian champions […]

WATCH: English-speaking tourist thrown into the air during Spanish bull run

The video captured a man filming while a bull ran towards him. He was standing on top of a platform when the bull charged in his direction. While the man appeared to be out of harm’s way, the bull squared up to him and lowered his head. Bizarrely, the man bent down from the platform […]

Rock Star Appeal Extends Sánchez’s Spanish Honeymoon

Waiting outside the Spanish Parliament this week for the new Socialist prime minister to arrive, software engineer María López described herself as a bit of a Pedro Sánchez “groupie.” “I know it is not very cool of me, but I want to see him in the flesh,” the 36-year-old said. “He has done more for […]