Antiques Roadshow: Shock as Queen Victoria’s knickers fetch enormous valuation

“I have to tell you that the last pair I saw at auction fetched £16,000.” The guest left laughing as she hid her face, almost embarrassed about it all and said: “For a pair of knickers?”  Hilary went on: “So, I have no hesitation in valuing these at the same figure. “Probably around £12,000 to […]

Game of Thrones: Fan spots enormous Jon Snow plot hole in Daenerys Targaryen’s death scene

Reddit user AlynOakenfist began: “After the Night King and all his buddies have fallen, all the ‘fire wights’ would also cease to exist too? “Beric and Jon were both resurrected by the magic of R’hllor, mostly with the purpose of fighting the Great Other. “After that purpose has been fulfilled, it would make sense for […]

Avengers Endgame: Latest box office projection is ENORMOUS as new estimates are revealed

Unsurprisingly given the huge levels of hype around the Marvel blockbuster, Avengers; Endgame is tracking towards a jaw-dropping opening weekend gross. And after tickets went on pre-sale earlier this week and broke records in the process, all signs point to it being the year’s biggest movie, assuming the likes of Toy Story 4 and Star […]

Antiques Roadshow: Harry Potter books hold ENORMOUS value – do you have one at home?

Tonight’s Antiques Roadshow saw Fiona and the team at Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire and included signed Harry Potter books and ornate silver from Iona. There are also treasures from around the world, including a German art deco figurine, an intricate Italian bracelet and a unique Brooklyn Dodgers baseball with a value as extraordinary as its […]

Twice the height of Big Ben: Enormous sinkhole reveals epic caves in China (VIDEO)

In a departure from the death and destruction often caused by the phenomena, a giant sinkhole in China has revealed a stunning complex of caves for explorers to dive into for the first time. Located amid mountains in Fengshan County, Guangxi, the 100 meter wide and 118 meter deep sinkhole reportedly became the object of […]

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales: There’s going to be an ‘enormous backlash’ against Donald Trump’s lies

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales thinks there is going to be an “enormous backlash” against Donald Trump’s lies. He said the US president is a “very talented man” and deserves credit, but the truth could eventually catch up with him come the 2020 election.  Wales said his website WikiTribune is still finding its feet and is on […]

Enormous 4 mile long iceberg filmed breaking from Greenland glacier (VIDEO)

The moment a giant iceberg measuring 4 miles (6 km) in length broke off from a glacier in Greenland, sending huge chunks of ice crashing into the sea, was captured on camera by a team of scientists. Denise Holland, from New York University, filmed the fragmenting Helheim Glacier on June 22, while researching the causes […]

Meghan Markle’s Invictus Games look yesterday was casual but still cost this enormous sum

Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, arrived at Bath University, and the glamorous Hollywood actress looked surprisingly low key. Meghan Markle wore a khaki trench coat with an Invictus Games zip neck fleece worn underneath.  However, despite the paired down look Meghan’s outfit still managed to come with a royal price tag, costing thousands […]

DIY SOS: Nick Knowles and BBC crew embark on enormous Grenfell build ‘It’s daunting’

The Grenfell Tower fire sparked an enormous tragedy in London on June 14 last year and saw 71 people lose their lives in the catastrophic blaze. Now the BBC have unveiled plans for one of their biggest and most important projects ever and will see volunteers from all trades and communities coming together with presenter Nick […]

Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump daughter’s ENORMOUS salary revealed– what is her net worth?

Ivanka Trump, 36, who works as a senior advisor to father Donald Trump, also makes a substantial salary from the Trump Organisation, it has been revealed. While the First Daughter is said to work unpaid on her father’s presidential committee, her family connection to the real estate empire means she remains a high earner. Ivanka […]