Might Evil’s David and Kristen Cross a Sacred Line? Mike Colter Illuminates ‘Tricky Thing’ of the Pair’s Attraction

RELATED STORIES Throw two attractive people in the life-and-death situation of an exorcism, and sparks — and quite possibly some projectile vomit — are going to fly. So it’s little surprise that Evil co-workers David and Kristen have been inching ever closer since the CBS series’ premiere, despite the fact that he’s a priest-in-training and she’s […]

Manifest's Melissa Roxburgh Talks Tricky Triangles, New Twist in Mystery

The truth is out — there on NBC’s Manifest, where Michaela Stone has confided in her almost-fiance the strange things she has experienced ever since she returned from that extremely strange Flight 828. The mystery continues this Monday at 10/9c, with the seventh episode of the hit drama’s 16-episode freshman run. Has Jared truly accepted […]

How insurtechs are tackling this notoriously tricky area of insurance

BI Intelligence This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. Life insurance is a fundamentally hard product to sell, as it requires people to think about their deaths and promises no immediate rewards.See the rest of the […]

Jeff Minter interview: Tempest 4000 VR plans, tricky levels, and curry text explained

Jeff Minter has made great games for decades, but his reboot of Atari’s 1980 arcade game Tempest made him an international icon — and gave Atari a killer app for the “64-bit” Jaguar console. Now that Atari itself is rebooting, Minter has returned to give the company a crown jewel in the form of Tempest […]

Bubba Watson’s horrendous putt that ended up in a bunker shows just how tricky the Masters greens can be

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Bubba Watson hit a putt at the Masters that somehow ended up in a bunker at the second hole at Augusta National. Watson was attempting to play aggressively, hoping to sink an eagle putt to help get him back in contention atop the leaderboard. While the shot didn’t work out as planned, […]

People can’t figure out how many squares are in this tricky puzzle

rodnikovay/Shutterstock This geometry brainteaser challenges you to count as many squares as you can. It’s much harder than it seems. There’s a good chance you’ll miss a few on your first shot. Keep scrolling to find out the correct answer to this puzzle.   A puzzle that involves counting squares sounds easy enough — you’ve […]

The World Bank’s “ease of doing business” report faces tricky questions

HOW many days does it take to correct a misleading newspaper interview? Four, in the case of Paul Romer, the World Bank’s chief economist. On January 12th a surprising article in the Wall Street Journal alleged that one of the bank’s signature reports—on the ease of doing business around the world—may have been tainted by […]

North Korea is sending a huge delegation to the Winter Olympics — but getting them there will be tricky

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images North Korea announced on Tuesday that it would be sending an Olympic delegation to the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics. The logistics of bringing over a North Korean delegation to the South are complicated as the two countries are technically still at war. Questions of how North Korea will enter the South, […]