Christianity and conservationism collide in ‘Pangolin’s Puzzle’

Pangolin’s Puzzle is a new mobile game that offers a refreshing approach to the puzzle genre — instead of relying solely on spatial manipulation or number-based solves, it serves up written logic problems. Players manipulate patches of the environment on a grid, building landscapes according to descriptions of how each feature relates to one another. […]

Film Reviews: Puzzle, American Animals, Hurricane and more…

PICKING UP THE PIECES: Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in Puzzle (Image: Linda Kallerus) Puzzle ★★★★ (Cert 15, 103mins) A RE film-makers running out of ideas for underdog sports movies? After maths quiz drama X+Y and chess flick Queen Of Katwe comes a film about a jigsaw puzzle contest. Thankfully, this is nowhere near as desperate […]

There’s one simple explanation for the wage stagnation ‘puzzle’ confounding top Fed officials

AP/Jose Luis Magana Federal Reserve officials have long been baffled by the absence of wage growth for median US workers despite a long-standing economic recovery that has sharply lowered unemployment to 3.9%. A new paper offers a convincing hypothesis for the Fed’s conundrum: underemployment and weak bargaining power for workers is more rampant than the […]

A Patagonian puzzle: Why does no-one stay to explore the world’s southernmost city?

Matthew Teller August 16, 2018 Share this article It’s the world’s southernmost city and the gateway to Antarctica—but why does nobody stick around in Ushuaia? Matthew Teller went exploring and discovered a town that had forgotten its own story. Down here, you can almost feel the edge of the earth pulling you forward. Nailed onto […]

Could This Sideburn-Sporting Scientist Crack the Autism Gene Puzzle?

OZY brings to you Medical Breakthroughs, a series about transformative cures and approaches — and the people behind them. Brian O’Roak loves Gaelic football, a fast-paced game with 15 players; a round ball that can be carried, kicked or passed; and a bunch of complex rules. Which makes perfect sense when you discover that O’Roak […]

Puzzle platformers ‘Inside’ and ‘Limbo’ hit Nintendo Switch June 28th

Good news for fans of creepy, atmospheric games: Playdead is bringing its hit platformers Limbo and Inside to Nintendo Switch June 28th. Both were already available to play on the go, as they’re on iOS (Limbo is on the Google Play Store too). But if you want to delve into them on the subway using […]