Michelle Wolf responds to Trump trashing her comedy with a taunt about Khashoggi: ‘I bet you’d be on my side if I had killed a journalist’

Comedian Michelle Wolf responded to President Donald Trump’s criticism of her with a jibe about his response to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trump pummeled her performance at last year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner as he welcomed the news that a comedian would not perform at the next event, ending a decades-long tradition. Trump said […]

Avengers 4: Major character BEHEADED in jaw-dropping artwork – after Infinity War taunt

Artist ultraraw26 has been providing fans with plenty of unofficial designs for the upcoming movie, and their latest is quite the jaw-dropper. It shows Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) holding up Thanos’s decapitated head, and even though the Mad Titan is a fictional CGI beast, it’s still quite unsettling to look at. Scroll down to […]

Netanyahu uses fragment of destroyed drone to taunt Iranian FM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a piece of what he said was fragment of an Iranian drone downed by the Israeli military to taunt Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Netanyahu used the prop while addressing a gathering at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday. “Mr. Zarif, you recognize this?” he asked while holding what […]

‘Sloppy Steve!’: Trump continues to taunt Steve Bannon and the author of a bombshell book on Trump

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images President Donald Trump said he gave the author of a tell-all book on the White House “zero access,” and made a disparaging remark about Steve Bannon, his former chief strategist. Other Trump officials have continued to criticize Wolff’s claims in the book, many of which were made by Bannon who targeted Trump’s […]

Big Brother 19 Will Taunt Houseguests With 'Den of Temptation' Twist

Pandora’s Box has been upgraded. Big Brother‘s Season 19 twist will confront Houseguests with “tempting offers that could give them money, power and safety in the game. But, they will need to be careful, because for every temptation taken, there will be a consequence to face,” warns a press release that more than a little evokes […]

The Best Taunt In Fighting Games Involves Tricky Musical Combos

Gif via YouTube Of all the ways players taunt each other in fighting games, there’s no taunt as stylish as the trumpet solos that players can pull off in Skullgirls. Players can perform as police-officer-turned-brass-instrument “Big Band” and have used him to play an impressive array of songs, from James Bond’s theme to “Song of […]

‘Blah Blah Channel’: Spartak fans taunt BBC over documentary with banner

Published time: 18 Mar, 2017 16:17 Spartak Moscow fans displayed a banner deriding the BBC during their Russian Football Premier League derby match with Lokomotiv Moscow on Saturday. During the first half of the match at Lokomotiv Stadium, Spartak fans unfurled a banner featuring a mock picture containing two masked fans, with one holding a […]

Watch: smug Indians taunt Aussie stars

Video Image ‘I saw it happen two times’1:11 Cricket: India captain Virat Kohli tells media he saw Steve Smith twice look up to the change rooms for confirmation about a dismissal. March 8th 2017 13 hours ago /video/video.news.com.au/Sport/Cricket/Australian Internationals/ Ravi Ashwin celebrates an Aussie wicket. Ben HorneThe Daily Telegraph Share Share on Facebook Share on […]