Drag Race Recap: A Lackluster Rusical Gets Upstaged by a Lip Sync Surprise

RELATED STORIES Broadway may still be dark, but Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race kept the music going (for better or worse) with the debut of its latest Rusical. The Rusical is a time-honored tradition, one that has previously explored everything from the rise of the Kardashians (R.I.P., Kimye!) to the fall of herstory’s baddest […]

Pokemon Go news: Community Day update Adventure Sync rewards, Shock Gen 4 release

The Adventure Sync feature has finally arrived for all Trainers over level 5, following a long rollout from Niantic. But while most Pokemon Go Trainers now have access to the new options, it’s still a feature that very much a work in progress. Many Trainers still run into problems with the new option not working […]

Pokemon Go UPDATE: Big news as Niantic begins Adventure Sync release

The new Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature is going live (Image: NIANTIC) UPDATE ONE: Niantic has confirmed that the rollout of their new Pokemon Go Adventure Sync has begun, although, it won’t be available to everyone just yet. As they have done in the past, the development team have chosen to begin their rollout of a […]

Plex is sunsetting Cloud Sync and other features

Plex is clearly doing some major spring cleaning, because it has just killed a handful more barely used features after shutting down its personal cloud streaming service in early September. The company has announced that it’s sunsetting plugins, Cloud Sync and Watch Later. If you don’t even recognize those features, we wouldn’t be surprised — […]

Ford is updating Sync with Waze and a driving assistant

Ford is updating its Sync infotainment software with a few new navigation options. Sygic is a name we haven’t heard in quite awhile, but the GPS company will bring its voice assistant to certain Ford vehicles. If your blue-oval-clad ride has Sync 3 and you’ve got Sygic’s nav app installed on your phone, you’ll be […]

Here’s What Happens When You Sync ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’

It’s been less than three days since Netflix surprised the world by releasing The Cloverfield Paradox immediately after the Super Bowl. If you think that’s not enough time to pinpoint incredibly obscure Easter eggs, you don’t know Cloverfield fans. These people are hardcore, and someone has already discovered a surprisingly cool thing that happens when […]

Ford Adding the Waze Navigation App That’s Already on Your Phone to Sync 3

– Waze, a smart route-navigation service available for both Android and Apple smartphone users, is one of the most popular phone applications out there. It already had millions of users when Google purchased the company in 2013, and it has only grown in popularity since then. Now Ford is making Waze even simpler to use by integrating compatibility straight into […]