Archaeologists unearth ‘crucial evidence for thriving Roman community’ near Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall: Archaeologists uncover ‘unknown part’ Excavators working in back garden sites across a housing estate in Benwell, in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne, came across many items and structures hailing from the Roman occupation of Britain. The team’s work has been followed by More4’s documentary, ‘The Great British Dig: History in Your […]

James Roday Details ‘Deeply Personal’ Decision to Reclaim Birth Name Rodriguez: ‘I Want to Be the Most Honest Ally for My Community’

RELATED STORIES James Rodriguez was a freshman at New York University when the then-aspiring actor first learned that his Mexican-American heritage was going to be a problem for Hollywood. He had just nailed an audition for a big feature film, but the casting director was put off by the fact that his Caucasian-like skin tone […]

Pokemon Go December Community Day 2018 times, event news and secret update?

Niantic has already confirmed that there will be a massive list of Pokemon to catch during the upcoming December Community Day. And trainers are also hoping that Niantic will throw in some special surprises at some point during the Pokemon Go weekend event. But even if nothing new is added that catches the eye, there […]

Pokemon Go December Community Day news and Gen 4 update

Niantic is planning to end their successful 2018 year with Pokemon Go with a massive event. The details of the upcoming December Community Day have been shared by the development team and confirms it will be one of the biggest celebrations ever. Fans had to wait longer than usual to receive the news, something probably […]

Pokemon Go Cresselia counters and raid news revealed before December Community day update

New Legendary Cresselia Raids have been announced by Niantic for this week, with the Pokemon Company also sharing a list of counters to use. This means that Pokemon Go players will have a new Pocket Monster to add to their collection. Cresselia will be appearing in Raid Battles for four weeks, at which time it […]

Pokemon Go news: Let’s Go Pikachu combo warning and December Community Day update

UPDATE ONE: A new warning has been made by Nintendo for those who are planning to switch their prized pocket monsters from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu. As many fans will already know, it’s possible to transfer Pokemon caught on Android and iOS, to Pokemon on Nintendo Switch. However, this also comes with […]

Pokemon Go Let's Go Meltan RESEARCH, December Community Day UPDATE

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has introduced a brand new Special Research quest to celebrate the release of Pokemon Let’s Go on Switch. The ‘Pokemon Let’s Go, Meltan’ quest gives players the chance to encounter the brand new Pocket Monster. Taking place over nine stages, the ‘Let’s Go, Meltan’ quest can be found in the Special Research […]

Pokemon Go news: Community Day update Adventure Sync rewards, Shock Gen 4 release

The Adventure Sync feature has finally arrived for all Trainers over level 5, following a long rollout from Niantic. But while most Pokemon Go Trainers now have access to the new options, it’s still a feature that very much a work in progress. Many Trainers still run into problems with the new option not working […]

Pokemon Go news: Halloween 2018 update, Gen 4 wave 2, Community Day event

Wave 2 of the Pokemon Go Gen 4 release looks set to begin later this week. Trainers are expecting an announcement regarding a new Halloween event in the coming days, although it would be kicking off later than last year’s. Pokemon Go news regarding Halloween 2018 and the release of the next wave of Gen […]

Where women rule: The Nepali foothill community of Panauti

Share this article Rather than sit back and let tradition dictate how their lives should play out, these independently-minded Nepali women are building businesses, supporting one another and championing financial freedom. It’s my first day in the Newari town of Panauti, Nepal, and I’m gatecrashing a wedding. The bedazzled young bride looks demure under a […]