Pokemon Let's Go: How to get Mew in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee

Mew’s Gen 1 Pokedex entry states it is such a rare sight experts considered it a mirage and new players would be forgiven for thinking the same. When Nintendo and Game Freak first introduced the mousy-looking pink critter to Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue in 1996 there was no legitimate way to catch him in-game. […]

Pokemon Go Let's Go Meltan RESEARCH, December Community Day UPDATE

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has introduced a brand new Special Research quest to celebrate the release of Pokemon Let’s Go on Switch. The ‘Pokemon Let’s Go, Meltan’ quest gives players the chance to encounter the brand new Pocket Monster. Taking place over nine stages, the ‘Let’s Go, Meltan’ quest can be found in the Special Research […]

Legacies Recap: Let's Talk About the 'Stuff That's Not Supposed to Exist'

We all have our dragons to slay in life — some more literal than others, as seen on Thursday’s Legacies. With Rafael by their side, because he’s apparently as hot-headed as he is regular-hot, Alaric and Hope went hunting for Landon “Must be Addressed by His Full Name at All Times” Kirby, discovering something even […]

Too Many Nations Get Left in the Cold. Let's Spread Some World Cup Love

The men’s soccer World Cup is coming back to North America in 2026, and it’ll be bigger than ever. Better than ever? Probably not. The event will kick off with 48 teams, nearly one-fourth of the countries on Earth. A 50 percent expansion of the current field of 32 will be bloated, diluted and incredibly […]

Legion Season 2 Premiere Recap: Let's Do the Mind Warp Again

Women with mustaches. Strawberry-flavored sensory deprivation tanks. Elaborate dance-offs. Yep, Legion is back — and just as audaciously weird as ever. After an opening scene of Oliver Bird and his demonic companion Lenny lazily sunbathing (she giggles, “We’re trapped”) and some confounding narration from Jon Hamm about imaginary mazes that ends with “Welcome to madness” […]

It’s International Women’s Day… so let's not forget how sexist Westminster actually is (VIDEOS)

Boris Johnson has donned a shirt to show off just how feminist he is. Interesting, considering he once said voting Tory means your wife will get bigger boobs. Unsurprisingly, he’s not the only MP with a shocking record for sexism. Only a few months ago, Westminster was rocked by a sex scandal so great that […]

Let's Fix the NFL — By Keeping the Clock Ticking

How long can you test the patience of fans before they tune out? Pro football may finally have found out. Professional pigskin officially has reached full saturation. There are additional Thursday and Saturday games, along with new broadcasting platforms on Twitter and Amazon. Four times this year the league staged early games in London, so […]

American Horror Story: Cult Finale: Let's Discuss That 'Nasty' Twist Ending

Friendly warning: This recap reveals the conclusion of American Horror Story: Cult. If you don’t want to get spoiled, for the love of Ryan Murphy, turn back now. “You’re wrong. There is something in this world more dangerous than a humiliated man — a nasty woman.” Those words, spoken by a pantsuited Ally Mayfair-Richards towards […]

Monty Hall, Iconic Let's Make a Deal Host, Dead at 96

Game show icon Monty Hall, who co-created and hosted the original Let’s Make a Deal, has died of heart failure at the age of 96, the New York Times reports. He passed away on Saturday in his Beverly Hills, Calif. home. Hall launched Let’s Make a Deal in 1963. It first premiered as part of NBC’s daytime line-up before moving […]