Pokemon Go Palkia raid boss COUNTDOWN as Trainers beef up counters

The Sinnoh region legendary Water and Dragon-type Pokemon, Palkia, is coming to Pokemon Go. The Gen 4 beast is set to become the new Raid boss later this week and will be available to battle for a whole month. According to a new announcement from Niantic, Palkia will be the legendary raid boss to beat, […]

Pokemon Go Cresselia counters and raid news revealed before December Community day update

New Legendary Cresselia Raids have been announced by Niantic for this week, with the Pokemon Company also sharing a list of counters to use. This means that Pokemon Go players will have a new Pocket Monster to add to their collection. Cresselia will be appearing in Raid Battles for four weeks, at which time it […]

Read the declassified Democratic memo that counters GOP criticisms of the FBI and Justice Department

Joshua Roberts/Reuters Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee released a memo to counter Republican claims of corruption and bias against President Donald Trump at the FBI and the Justice Department.  The memo attempts to undercut Republicans’ claims the FBI and the DOJ misled a secret surveillance court when it submitted an application to spy on […]

Pokemon Go Kyogre Raids LIVE, new Gen 3 counters, Groudon boxes

Pokemon Go Kyogre fans can now catch the Gen 3 beast in the game’s latest Raids. Officially confirmed by Niantic today, Trainers can now try their luck at bringing down the meaty Legendary until February 14. Something you might not know is that the Pokemon Company like to post official guides on how to counter […]

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid explained: How to catch Legendary using best weakness and counters

While we have seen new Legendary birds take up positions at local Gyms, some Trainers may have been thrown off guard by Niantic’s latest reveal. Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raids will soon be popping up for certain players on Android and iOS. It’s one of the most hotly anticipated Pocket Monster launches, with plenty of others […]