WikiLeaks threatens to sue Louise Mensch after posting wild theory about Snowden and Putin

WikiLeaks has suggested it could sue prolific conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch after she tweeted that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had released his secret US military documents “under Putin’s direct orders.” It all started when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tweeted a link to an interview it had conducted with Snowden about the concept of […]

Snowden to speak at Israeli conference – with ex-Mossad deputy chief ‘responding’

Edward Snowden is expected to speak via video link at a closed conference held in Israel. The event, which expects to hear Snowden touching upon US spying on Israel, will be joined by a former top Mossad official. The NSA whistleblower is set to speak through a secure video system from Russia, at a conference […]

NSA has yet to fix security holes that helped Snowden leaks

Edward Snowden’s success in leaking NSA data was chalked up in part to the agency’s own security lapses, so you’d think that the agency would have tightened up its procedures in the past five years… right? Apparently not. The NSA Inspector General’s office has published an audit indicating that many of the Snowden-era digital security […]

‘Bitcoin is #1 priority’: NSA targeted cryptocurrency users globally, Snowden leaks show

The US National Security Agency targeted Bitcoin users around the world, according to classified documents released by Edward Snowden. The revelations strike a blow to the financial privacy of bitcoin users, academics warn. The National Security Agency (NSA) managed to find ways to ‘track down senders and receivers’ of Bitcoins, according to an internal NSA […]

Telegram shuts down ‘violence-inciting’ channel at Iran’s request, angers Snowden

Messaging service Telegram has shut down a public channel that’s been used to organize the anti-government protests in Iran after a government minister said it featured instructions on making Molotov cocktails and taking up arms. “A Telegram channel is encouraging hateful conduct, use of Molotov cocktails, armed uprising, and social unrest. NOW is the time […]

Edward Snowden created an app that turns smartphones into security systems aimed at thwarting spies

The Guardian Project Former NSA contractor-turned-leaker Edward Snowden is working on a smartphone app. The app, named “Haven,” is intended to turn smartphones into mobile security systems. Haven is currently available to try for free in open beta. Edward Snowden is best known for revealing the spy programs of the American government’s National Security Agency, […]

‘This is really bad’: Snowden blasts Apple’s admin access security flaw

Published time: 29 Nov, 2017 14:16 NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has criticized the jaw-dropping security flaw that allows users to log in as an administrator on an Apple Mac operating on High Sierra without even entering a password. READ MORE: Lawmakers endorse renewing NSA’s most controversial spying powers The vulnerability, which involves simply entering ‘root’ […]

CIA director blames ‘Snowden worship phenomenon’ for rise in leaks of US secrets

The exploits of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has triggered a trend where a growing number of state and non-state actors are eager to leak top secret US documents to the media and the public in pursue of glory, money or “whatever,” the CIA director has said. “I think there is a phenomenon, the worship of […]

‘Rights are lost by cowardly laws': Snowden says govts, not terrorists, undercut free speech

Whistleblower Edward Snowden offered an impassioned argument against terrorism being used as a pretext for introducing mass surveillance in a video-linked speech to a migration conference on Tuesday night. Speaking to the Estoril conference on global migration in Portugal via video from Moscow, where he has lived for the past four years after being granted […]

Snowden & Chomsky lead diverse calls for Trump to drop case against WikiLeaks

Published time: 15 May, 2017 20:24 Edited time: 15 May, 2017 20:26 Former intelligence officers, journalists and artists are among more than 100 signatories of an open letter calling on President Trump to close the Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks and drop any planned charges against the whistleblower group. The letter released Monday by the […]