Facebook censors & restores video calling Palestine Israel’s weapons-testing lab

A video accusing Israel of testing on Palestinians the weapons and methods of repression it later exports around the world was removed from Facebook for several hours, and only restored after complaints. “Palestine is Israel’s personal laboratory for testing, refining and showcasing methods and weapons of domination and control,” says journalist Rania Khalek in a […]

Putin on Israel’s role in Il-20 downing: ‘Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances’

The downing of the Russian Il-20 plane looks like “a chain of tragic circumstances,” Vladimir Putin said in response to a reporter’s question on whether it could be compared to Turkey’s downing of a Russian military jet in 2015. Read more “When people are dying – especially under such circumstances – it is always a […]

Netanyahu threatens Iran with ‘all Israel’s arms’ if Tehran blocks key waterway off Yemen

Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at Israeli arch-regional foe Iran, vowing that any attempt by Tehran to block the key waterway off Yemen’s coast would be met by force from the “international coalition” and Israel in particular. The harsh statements by the Israeli PM, who was speaking at a graduation ceremony for naval officers on […]

American Jews slam Israel’s ‘racist’ nation-state bill as thousands protest against it in Tel Aviv

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Israeli capital in protest against the so-called nation-state bill, which, they say, would enable ethnic segregation. The controversial bill also drew criticism from US Jews. Demonstrators marched through the streets of Tel Aviv chanting: “Full equality and no less,” “Jews and Arabs refuse to be […]

Israel’s Shin Bet arrests French consulate employee for ‘Gaza weapons smuggling’

A French employee of France’s consulate in Jerusalem has been arrested for allegedly smuggling dozens of weapons from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, Israel’s domestic security agency said Monday. The Shin Bet said the man, identified as Romain Franck, 23, was part of a broader Palestinian smuggling ring, AP reported. He allegedly used […]

Israel’s ‘war on children’ leaves hundreds of Palestinian youngsters imprisoned

Ahed Tamimi has become a poster child for Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation. But what of the hundreds of other minors currently incarcerated by the Israeli state? And what of the children killed by IDF bullets? Tamimi’s case is far from an isolated one. According to B’Tselem (the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in […]

Israel’s Prime Minister says the US will move its embassy to Jerusalem ‘within the year’

Thomson Reuters Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that the US would move its embassy to Jerusalem “within the year.”  Netanyahu based his statements on “solid assessment,” but declined to provide further details.  Netanyahu’s remarks conflict with statements made by Rex Tillerson, who last month said the US embassy would not be moved […]

‘Slap in the face’: Abbas condemns Trump’s ‘deal of the century,’ Israel’s ‘killing’ of Oslo Accords

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated he will never agree to the US-championed peace plan in which Jerusalem is “taken off the table.” He accused Israel of “killing” the historic Oslo Accords on mutual recognition. Speaking at the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Central Council meeting on Sunday, Abbas lashed out at US President Donald Trump, […]

Palestinians outraged by Israel’s ‘colonial construction plan’ for East Jerusalem

Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 04:43 Edited time: 25 Dec, 2017 04:51 Palestinian authorities have condemned the planned construction of new housing units in East Jerusalem as an “Israeli colonial dare,” encouraged by Washington’s controversial recognition of the Holy City as Israel’s capital. On Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates denounced the […]