Legendary Russian pop star condemns the invasion of Ukraine, saying it is making Russia a ‘pariah’

Alla Pugacheva receiving an award from President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on Dec. 22, 2014. AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, Presidential Press Service Iconic Russian singer Alla Pugacheva has condemned the war in Ukraine. The recipient of countless state awards, Pugacheva said the war's goals were "illusory." She asked to be designated a "foreign agent," […]

Piers Morgan condemns ‘vermin’ attacking Captain Tom over Barbados trip

Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan has been a vehement supporter of Sir Captain Tom Moore ever since he came into the public eye for his heroic efforts at raising an eye-watering amount of money for the NHS. On Sunday, the veteran’s family confirmed Captain Tom was in hospital after contracting Covid-19 and the news led […]

Lord Sumption condemns lockdown restrictions as ‘economic destruction’ in furious row

Lord Sumption has railed against suggestions of even tougher restrictions in the country’s national lockdown. A new Good Morning Britain poll suggested that the UK wants stronger restrictions, with more than 50 percent of adults backing a curfew from 8pm each night. Lord Sumption argued that only the “old and vulnerable” should isolate as he […]

Saudis ‘don’t know how to use’ US bombs: Trump condemns deadly Yemen school bus strike… kind of

It wasn’t the US-made bomb, but rather the Saudi military’s inability to properly use the munition –despite all the American training– that led to the “horror show” bombing of a Yemeni school bus in August, Donald Trump has said. A Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a school bus, that killed 40 children and maimed dozens of […]

On anniversary of Charlottesville clashes, Trump condemns racism, says he 'fights for' minorities

The US President has spoken out against racism and violence ahead of a fresh Unite the Right rally on Sunday, and has trumpeted his own achievements that he says have benefitted African-Americans and Hispanics. “The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together as a nation. I […]

‘Slap in the face’: Abbas condemns Trump’s ‘deal of the century,’ Israel’s ‘killing’ of Oslo Accords

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated he will never agree to the US-championed peace plan in which Jerusalem is “taken off the table.” He accused Israel of “killing” the historic Oslo Accords on mutual recognition. Speaking at the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Central Council meeting on Sunday, Abbas lashed out at US President Donald Trump, […]

Germany condemns anti-Semitism & Israeli flag burning at pro-Palestinian rallies in Berlin (VIDEOS)

German authorities have strongly condemned the wave of anti-Israeli protests that have gripped Berlin for three consecutive days in response to Donald Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying anti-Semitism has no place in the country. Israeli flags were once again burned during a pro-Palestinian demonstration Sunday, as more than 300 policemen watched […]

‘Tip of the iceberg’: Trump condemns Susan Rice for unmasking aides

President Donald Trump has taken aim at former national security advisor Susan Rice for unmasking members of his campaign team, whose identities were concealed in surveillance reports. Trump ripped into Rice as he was leaving Florida Thursday, where he surveyed the damage of Hurricane Irma. He was asked about CNN reporting that she admitted to […]

Jacob Rees-Mogg CONDEMNS abortion and gay marriage in GMB row 'Completely opposed'

The Tory backbencher, who’s been widely tipped to replace Theresa May as Conservative leader, possibly Prime Minister, stressed that he “supports the teaching of the Catholic church,” suggesting that same-sex weddings are a sin.  He also insisted that he doesn’t support abortion under any circumstance, including rape.  “Plenty of Catholics believe in gay marriage,” Susanna […]

Trump condemns ‘Alt Left’ & ‘Neo-Nazis’ for violence in Charlottesville

President Donald Trump continues to spark controversy after the deadly protest violence in Charlottesville. During a combative news conference, he asked if the “alt left” had “any semblance of guilt” for what he called “a horrible moment for our country.” Trump has seemingly yet to recover from widespread criticism on his initial comments Saturday, after […]