IDF attempts to smear slain Palestinian medic with inaccurate video

The Israel Defense Forces’ attempt to smear medic Razan al-Najjar, the 21-year-old killed last week, backfired when a video it shared on social media was swiftly debunked. The IDF shared an edited video of Najjar on both its English and Arabic spokesperson Twitter accounts on Thursday. “Hamas’ use of human shields must stop.” it wrote […]

The DeanBeat: 10 wildly inaccurate and predictable predictions for gaming in 2018

The ritual has arrived again. It’s time for me to make wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of games. This is always embarrassing for me, but I’m hoping that one of these years it will sharpen my thinking. I’ve written more than 15,000 stories for VentureBeat over nearly 10 years, mostly based on what other […]

DHS’s facial scanning program may be inaccurate and illegal

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) doesn’t have a great track record with its own technology. DHS staff have been locked out of their own networks, first responder apps have been plagued by security issues and the federal employees were able to steal data from the agency. Now a new report calls DHS’s pilot […]

Trump blasts ABC News reporter Brian Ross over ‘horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report’ on Michael Flynn

Associated Press/Susan Walsh President Donald Trump on Saturday praised ABC News for suspending its reporter Brian Ross over an erroneous report on former national security adviser Michael Flynn. ABC News announced earlier that day that Ross was suspended without pay for four weeks. President Donald Trump on Saturday night railed against suspended ABC News reporter […]

Aussie university professor forced to apologize for ‘inaccurate’ China-India border map

The lingering Sino-Indian border spat spilled over into Sydney University campus, where outraged Chinese students made an IT lecturer apologize over the use of an outdated map listing a contested border area as part of India’s territory. A world map used by Khimji Vaghjiani, an associate professor at the University of Sydney reading the course […]

The New York Times is asking Fox News for an apology over a ‘malicious and inaccurate segment’

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times says Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends” should apologize for what the newspaper calls a “malicious and inaccurate segment” about the newspaper, intelligence leaks and the Islamic State that aired Saturday. New York Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha said Sunday that she requested an “on-air apology and tweet.” The paper, she wrote, took issue […]

Monitoring your blood pressure? Careful, 70% of home devices may be inaccurate

Enlarge / Woman measuring her blood pressure. (credit: Getty | BSIP) Millions of people stand to benefit from closely monitoring their blood pressure—those suffering with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and pregnancy-induced hypertension, for instance, plus those who just stress in doctors’ offices and can’t get accurate readings. Yet the gadgets available for home use may […]