Allergy to other viewpoints? Russian senator slams proposed blacklisting of RT & Sputnik in France

A report authored by two government-linked think tanks that calls on the authorities to deny accreditation to RT and Sputnik reveals the West’s fear of the freedom of speech, a Russian senator has argued. The Institute for Strategic Research of the French Defense Ministry (IRSEM) and The Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy (CAPS), linked […]

Everything you need to know about eating at the Disney parks with a nut allergy

Matt Sedensky/AP Navigating any dining experience with food allergies is challenging, but Disney wants to make it as easy as possible for guests to safely eat in the parks. If you’ve got a nut allergy, you know just how frustrating it can be to find safe options wherever you go — especially when you’re traveling. […]

Hay fever symptoms – is this the cure for pollen allergy? How to get immunotherapy jabs

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen – a fine powder that comes from plants, according to the NHS. Patients usually have a reaction to pollen if it comes into contact with their mouth, nose, eyes or throat. Hay fever symptoms can include watery eyes, loss of smell, headaches, and a blocked nose. The […]

Hay fever: One in six believe the common allergy problem is spread like a COLD

The forecaster urged sufferers to check pollen levels daily throughout the summer to help monitor their condition. Of 2,000 British people surveyed, 16 per cen thought hay fever could be passed from person to person. Around a fifth (21 per cent) did not realise a runny nose could be a symptom of hay fever and one in […]

‘I was like a balloon’: Amanda Barrie on the mystery allergy that could kill her

THE death of Diana, Princess of Wales, stunned the world but Amanda Barrie experienced such a severe reaction she ended up in hospital. On the night of Diana’s funeral in September 1997 the then Coronation Street actress was admitted with anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic response.