‘Shrek Retold’ Trailer: The Fairytale Gets an Acid Trip Remake By Over 200 Animators and Filmmakers

Not too long ago, we learned that the DreamWorks Animation hit Shrek would be getting some kind of reboot from Illumination Entertainment. But before that happens, a huge group of filmmakers and animators have collaborated to remake the entire original movie from scratch. Shrek Retold is a reimagining of the original Shrek with over 200 […]

Avengers Infinity War Spider-Man DEATH: Filmmakers reveal painful TRUTH before Avengers 4

It was bad enough the first time around. Tom Holland’s heartbreaking performance made the death of Spidey one of the most powerful scenes in Marvel Cinematic history. Or any film history, for that matter. And that was before we knew the gut-wrenching truth behind what was going on. Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo […]

Daily Podcast: The Making of ‘Die Hard’, and How It Impacted a Generation of Filmmakers

On the July 17, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson presents a special episode of the podcast looking back on the making of John McTiernan‘s 1988 classic Die Hard, featuring snippets of interviews with people who made it and filmmakers who were inspired by it. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on […]

The Secrets Behind That Big Reveal in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Explained by the Filmmakers

Hopefully, you’ve seen Solo: A Star Wars Story because we’re about to dive in and discuss one of the film’s biggest and most unexpected moments. How did this big reveal come about? Was this always the plan? Learn all the secrets behind this big Solo reveal below! Warning: massive spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story are […]

Mark Duplass on Breaking Into Hollywood, Filming on iPhones, and the Best Advice for Young Filmmakers [Interview]

Mark and Jay Duplass have collaborated on shorts, feature films, television, and, by their account, some cheap childhood remakes of The Blob. (They just threw a beanbag down the stairs.) But they’ve crossed into an entirely new medium with their latest effort: a book, called Like Brothers. Like Brothers is part memoir, part practical filmmaking […]

Is Writing Harder Than Directing? Hollywood Filmmakers Weigh In

Here’s a complicated question: is writing harder than directing? Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson thinks so, and inadvertently kicked off a bit of a firestorm when he expressed that sentiment on Twitter. A handful of other Hollywood filmmakers joined the conversation and began explaining reasons why one discipline is more difficult than the other, and […]

Veronica on Netflix: Young star DISTURBED the filmmakers 'She FREAKED me out'

The Netflix movie has become a social media sensation. Some viewers are claiming they can’t even make it all the way to the end of the supernatural horror. The entire film rests on the shoulders of young Spanish star Sandra, who hasn’t just had an unsettling effect on audiences safe at home. Even the director […]

‘Logan’ Filmmakers Reunite for ‘The Force’ Movie

The Logan team of James Mangold and Scott Frank are getting together again for The Force. The film is based on the novel by Don Winslow about a team of corrupt NYPD cops. More on The Force movie below. Screenwriter Scott Frank’s work on Logan resulted in the first Best Screenplay Academy Award nomination for a superhero movie. Now, Frank […]