IDF attempts to smear slain Palestinian medic with inaccurate video

The Israel Defense Forces’ attempt to smear medic Razan al-Najjar, the 21-year-old killed last week, backfired when a video it shared on social media was swiftly debunked. The IDF shared an edited video of Najjar on both its English and Arabic spokesperson Twitter accounts on Thursday. “Hamas’ use of human shields must stop.” it wrote […]

Saturday Kitchen chef screams for MEDIC as dish goes up in flames 'She's on fire'

The show was thrown into chaos during the weekly omelette challenge as Donna Hay set fire to a pan of butter leaving host Donal Skehan stunned. It came as the chef noted her anxiety levels had “gone through the roof” as she prepared to go head-to-head with José Pizarro.  Looking around the studio before the […]

Trump is going to award his first Medal of Honor to a Vietnam War medic

Carlos Barria/Reuters WASHINGTON (AP) — An Army medic from Michigan who risked his life multiple times to rescue Vietnam War comrades is becoming the first person to receive the Medal of Honor from President Donald Trump. Trump is set to present America’s highest military honor to James McCloughan on Monday at a White House ceremony. […]

Black Hair? There'll Be an App for That, Thanks to This Army Medic

In this occasional series, OZY takes to streets and neighborhoods across the globe to ask a simple question: “How was your day?” Maria McKieverChicago, Illinois I feel pretty good — tomorrow’s my last final exam on regression analysis. The worst is over. I slept in a little late and ran errands. I gave myself the […]

Jason Manford reveals MEDIC had to be called for 'Gordon Ramsay' while filming Bigheads

The brand new programme sees contestants compete for cash prizes in a series of hilarious Je Sans Frontier-style physical challenges, all whilst wearing ginormous celebrity heads. The ludicrous comedy value amps up as viewers will see the likes of Donald Trump, Ed Sheeran, Prince Charles and Benedict Cumberbatch go head-to-head in the Total Wipeout-inspired tasks. […]

Let It Shine: Graham Norton calls for help as hopeful falls ill ‘MEDIC! MEDIC!’

This evening’s show saw a few of the hopefuls sing and dance with pop star Olly Murs. After the performance, host Graham told the audience that 19-year-old Sario Solomon had been unwell during the week. “I couldn’t tell from the performance but apparently you had some throat problems today?” the Irish presenter asked. Sounding very […]