Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Alfonso Ribeiro baffles viewers with ‘screaming’ technique

David let out a huge roar, seemingly to let go of any tension he has within the body, but viewers weren’t massively convinced with the technique.  One wrote: “Alfonso telling David to scream on the spot, lmaooo, what is happening #strictly.” Another added: “If Alfonso put me on the spot by telling me to scream […]

‘Erotic spasm’: Lib Dem leader Cable’s saucy criticism of Brexiteers EU pull-out technique

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable will tell his party members that Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson are willing to allow “years of economic pain” to enjoy the “erotic spasm” of leaving the EU, in his conference speech on Tuesday. Cable, who will use the rather graphic depiction of Brexiteer MPs’ attitudes towards the UK’s impending […]

The Pomodoro Technique: Is It Right for You to Boost Productivity?

If you spend any time at all researching life hacks, you’ve probably heard of the famous Pomodoro Technique. Created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, the Pomodoro Technique is one of the more popular time management life hacks used today. But this method isn’t for everyone, and for every person who is a passionate adherent […]

‘Thoroughbreds’ Clip: Learn The Technique Behind Fake Tears

In Thoroughbreds, two childhood friends reunite, and promptly bring out each other’s destructive tendencies. The black comedy stars indie film stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke. Below, a Thoroughbreds clip introduces you to “the technique.” Thoroughbreds has been a long time coming to the big screen. The dark comedy has been making the festival circuit rounds for a while […]

This simple technique can help you to take in more of what you read

Strelka Institute/Flickr/Attribution License After reading something new, take time to reflect on the information you have consumed — that way, you are more likely to remember it. There are several ways to reflect on piece of writing, from relating it to your own experiences, to noting down any important points mentioned.  Studies show that by […]