100% accuracy: Russian oracle cat on target with World Cup predictions

A deaf cat named Achilles who lives in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has accurately predicted the results of each of the four World Cup matches he has been asked to foretell. Read more Achilles predicted that Russia would win the World Cup opener against Saudi Arabia, which ended in favour of the hosts […]

Asking how your friends will vote could increase polling accuracy

Enlarge (credit: flickr user: Kelley Minars) In the run-up to the 2016 US presidential elections, a scuffle broke out about the election forecasts. While FiveThirtyEight predicted a one-in-three chance of a Trump win, other forecasts suggested a near-certain Clinton victory. “[T]he most popular and widely quoted website out there, fivethirtyeight.com, has something tragically wrong with […]

The writer of the explosive new book on Trump is getting eviscerated over its accuracy — and it’s not the first time

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster Longtime media critic Michael Wolff published a new book based on months of access to the Trump White House. Wolff has been a notorious figure in media circles for years, publishing scathing criticisms of companies and media figures. Michael Wolff, a man who has practically built a career on pissing people off, […]

AR navigation app promises better accuracy than GPS alone

You may have seen augmented reality navigation before, but the arrival of AR-native frameworks is making it considerable slicker and more accessible. Case in point: Blippar. Its just-launched AR City app for iOS uses Apple’s ARKit to clearly outline where you have to walk, and highlights nearby points of interest based on what you can […]

Whistleblower calls out problems with military drone accuracy and ethics

Ars Technica Live #15, produced by Jennifer Hahn and filmed by Chris Schodt. (video link) Lisa Ling served almost two decades in the Air National Guard, working on communications technology and drones. After an honorable discharge, she discovered her work had led to the deaths of hundreds of people. On our latest episode of Ars […]

Algorithm spots abnormal heart rhythms with doctor-like accuracy

While not all arrhythmias are fatal or even dangerous, it’s still a cause for concern. Some, after all, could cause heart failure and cardiac arrest, and a lot of people with abnormal heart rhythms don’t even show symptoms. A team of researchers from Stanford University might have found a way to effectively diagnose the condition […]

OSU retracts study linking video-game shooting to real-world firearm accuracy

First-person shooter experts may want to schedule some more practice on the firing range, as Ohio State University has retracted a study linking FPS gameplay to skill with handguns. The post OSU retracts study linking video-game shooting to real-world firearm accuracy appeared first on Digital Trends. Gaming–Digital Trends