Frozen 2 Is Hitting Disney+ This Sunday — More Than Three Months Early

Here’s a little quaran-treat for the families out there: the forecast now calls for Frozen 2 to land on the Disney+ streaming service more than three months early, on Sunday, March 15. The upstart streaming service/home of Baby Yoda announced the crowd-pleasing scheduling move on Friday evening, ahead of what is expected to be a […]

Fortnite Frozen Legends starter pack LEAKED: New Battle Royale starter pack skins

Fortnite Frozen Legends is a new starter pack that has been revealed in the leaked files for update 7.10. Fortnite dataminers have been rummaging through the update 7.10 files after the new patch was rolled out by Epic Games earlier today. And in it they found pictures and details of the Fortnite Frozen Legends starter […]

Sequel Bits: ‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’, ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Frozen 2’, ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’, ‘Annabelle 3’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: Christopher McQuarrie offers an update on Edge of Tomorrow 2. Christopher McQuarrie also says a Mission: Impossible spin-off about Isla Faust is unlikely. Kristen Bell helped shape her character’s story in Frozen 2. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is now opening a week early. Mckenna Grace joins the cast of Annabelle […]

Scientists revived tiny Siberian worms that had been frozen in permafrost for 42,000 years — and they started moving and eating

Agricultural Research Service/ Wikimedia Commons Russian scientists have revived tiny worms that had been frozen for 42,000 years. After being removed from Siberian permafrost, the worms were gradually thawed in a lab until they started moving around and consuming food. The scientists say their findings could have implications for astrobiology and cryomedicine.  A group of […]

Scientists say they revived 42,000-year-old frozen worms

A group of scientists in Russia claim to have revived a pair of frozen nematodes, or roundworms, that were between 30,000 and 42,000 years old. One of the specimens was found in a soil sample collected from a ground squirrel burrow located around 100 feet underground, and other burrows nearby have been radiocarbon dated to […]

Frozen 2 cast adds two NEW characters as Kristen Bell reveals ‘it’s VERY good’

The follow-up to Disney’s enormous 2013 smash is due in late 2019, and a couple of stars have been touted to join the cast. According to Th Wrap, Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K Brown are both close to signing up. Wood has recently been seen in Westworld, while Brown has picked up masses of […]

Listeriosis symptoms: Five signs to look out for after frozen vegetable products recall

LISTERIOSIS symptoms are not always apparent. The infection, which is usually caught from eating food containing the listeria bacteria, usually goes away on its own, but can cause serious problems. Supermarkets recently recalled bags of frozen vegetables over fears they could contain the bacteria. So what signs should you watch out that may indicate you […]

Listeria outbreak: FULL LIST of 43 frozen foods RECALLED by Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland

Listeria fears have taken hold in the UK as frozen vegetables have been blamed. Now Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Iceland have removed these products. Tests done on a food factory in Hungry found frozen sweetcorn it was the source of an outbreak of listeriosis. Dr Kathie Grant from Public Health England said: “Most […]