42,000 Coast Guard members will get their paycheck on Monday, but when the next arrives remains unclear

Petty Officer 3rd Class Frank Iannazzo-Simmons/US Coast Guard WASHINGTON — In a surprise reversal Friday night, Coast Guard officials announced that service members will receive their regularly scheduled paychecks next week, despite the ongoing government shutdown. In a message to all Coast Guard members, Vice Commandant Adm. Charles Ray said that service and Department of […]

Scientists revived tiny Siberian worms that had been frozen in permafrost for 42,000 years — and they started moving and eating

Agricultural Research Service/ Wikimedia Commons Russian scientists have revived tiny worms that had been frozen for 42,000 years. After being removed from Siberian permafrost, the worms were gradually thawed in a lab until they started moving around and consuming food. The scientists say their findings could have implications for astrobiology and cryomedicine.  A group of […]

Will Britain get its share of EU’s 42,000 bottles of wine & £13mn artwork after Brexit?

Published time: 14 Dec, 2017 15:57 Britain must get its fair share of the EU’s 42,000 bottles of wine and fine art worth £13 million ($ 17.4 million) during Brexit negotiations, Tory Brexiteer Sir Edward Leigh has said. He urged ministers to “promise to take back control” of the collections. British negotiators are expected to […]

Reliant three-wheel van driven by Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses fetches almost £42,000

The instantly recognisable motor was used in the 2001 episode ‘If They Could See Us Now’ of the classic sitcom when Del and Rodney had become millionaires. The 1968 Reliant Regal van was bought by the BBC who painted it yellow and installed the Trotters Independent Traders sign on it. It was fitted with a […]