Yellowstone plot hole: Rip’s finances error exposed as fans baffled by key scene

The hit Paramount series is expecting another season next year, but the finale of Yellowstone’s third instalment has left several questions unanswered. Several shocked viewers are still hung up on Rip Wheeler’s puzzling decision to dig up his mother’s grave when he was hard-up for cash.  Following an unpredictable relationship with Beth Dutton (played by […]

What is Prince Harry’s salary? Does he have a private income? Finances revealed

Prince Harry is one of the most popular members of the Royal Family. His lavish wedding to wife Meghan Markle, 36, a former-actress in cable drama Suits, took place last month. The royals enjoy a lavish life, but how do they pay for it all? Does Prince Harry have a job or a private income? […]

How psychotherapy improves poor mothers’ finances

IN 2005 and 2006, in northern Pakistan, some 900 pregnant women took part in an unusual experiment. All were in their third trimester and suffering from depression. Most families in the area rely on subsistence farming. Almost none of the women worked outside the home. This kind of life is hard. Perinatal depression (depression around […]

Martin Lewis explains how pension contribution rise will affect YOUR finances

This may sound a bizarre possibility, but it is all about the pension auto-enrolment law. This says every firm must automatically opt-in all employees (aged 22+ earning at least £10,000) to saving from their salary towards a private pension – to provide money for later life – on top of the state pension. And the […]

Uber may sell off its Southeast Asia business to improve its finances as it prepares to IPO

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Uber is reportedly planning to sell its business in Southeast Asia to rival Grab. It’s likely to receive equity in Grab as part of the deal. Uber’s CEO said last week that operating in developing markets is an “optional investment” for the company. Uber is reportedly preparing to sell its business in […]

JAMES CLAPPER: There could be ‘other shoes to drop’ in the Russia investigation involving Trump’s finances

Screenshot via CNN The former director of national intelligence James Clapper said he believes there could be “other shoes to drop” in the ongoing Russia investigation, and those forthcoming developments could involve President Donald Trump’s finances. Clapper made that assertion Friday night, hours after deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein announced new charges against Russian operatives […]

Tesla's ambition will further strain finances — but investors are unfazed

Investors shrugged off any concern about Tesla over-stretching its production and financial resources with the unveiling of futuristic semi-trucks and a pricey sports car, pushing its stock price up almost 4 percent on Friday. Chief Executive Elon Musk shocked industry-watchers by launching a $ 200,000 sports car on Thursday, along with two electric trucks, possibly […]

Broke Rome eyes up Trevi Fountain cash to bolster city finances

Published time: 11 Nov, 2017 14:09 The Eternal City that is Rome is going through somewhat of a budgetary crisis at the moment, and with cash in short supply, officials are now even eyeing up the city’s iconic Trevi Fountain. Every year, millions of tourists flock to the former seat of empire to view the […]

The Exasperating Difficulty of Trying to Understand Trump’s Finances

On December 6th, then-President-elect Donald Trump was angry at the airplane manufacturer Boeing. The company, he felt, was overcharging for its newest version of Air Force One, leading him to tweet, “Cancel order!” Some were quick to point out that the situation seemed to present a conflict of interest: According to the disclosure forms he […]