Batwoman Video: Can Kate Convince Her Dad There Was ‘Another’ Beth ?

RELATED STORIES Hopefully Batwoman‘s Jacob Kane has on his Kevlar vest, because daughter Kate is about to hit him with not one but two incredible truth bombs. In the above sneak peek from this Sunday’s episode of the freshman Arrowverse series, titled “Off With Her Head” and airing at 8/7c on The CW, Kate (played […]

The Resident Sneak Peek: Will Conrad Convince Dr. Bell to Quit QuoVadis?

Randolph Bell might be the best surgeon at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, but Conrad Hawkins will be the one twisting the knife on Monday’s episode of The Resident. TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at the hour (Fox, 8/7c), in which Conrad tasks Dr. Bell to task for staying in business with QuoVadis, especially after […]

Cash may convince some teens to stay off smartphones while driving

Getting teens to put down their phones when they get behind the wheel is no easy task, but a small study suggests that parents may have more luck when they offer cash rewards. Researchers examined data from an online survey of 152 teens who owned smartphones and admitted to texting and driving. Even though they […]

I visited the campus that McDonald’s is trying to convince Amazon to buy before it’s abandoned — here’s why that’s an amazing idea for both companies (MCD, AMZN)

Kate Taylor McDonald’s is leaving its longtime headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, this spring. The fast-food giant’s more than 100 acres of land in the Chicago suburb is one site that has been proposed for Amazon’s second headquarters project, called HQ2. Business Insider visited the headquarters and saw why McDonald’s soon-to-be-abandoned campus could be a […]

Riot Blockchain’s CEO is pushing back against critics and trying to convince the world his company is serious about crypto (RIOT)

LinkedIn Riot Blockchain, one of the first companies to pivot to blockchain and see its stock skyrocket, has been accused of fraud. In an interview with Business Insider, CEO John O’Rourke denied the accusations and outlined Riot’s plan to fully realize its pivot to cryptocurrencies.  When Bioptix, a biotechnology equipment maker, announced in October it […]

Apple pricing for 4K movies might convince you want to jump on board

Apple announced lower pricing for 4K movies that might make you rethink your digital library strategy. At an event in Cupertino in the brand new Steve Jobs Theater on their campus, the tech giant announced a new Apple TV that supports 4K movies, but the bigger news might have to do with the pricing schemes. Many […]

7 arguments to convince your Destiny 2 friends to skip the console launch

Destiny 2 isn’t really coming out next week. I mean, sure — it’s launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, but that’s not the real Destiny 2. After playing it on PC, I consider the console versions a cheap imitation of the legitimate article. The problem is that Bungie’s latest sci-fi shooter won’t hit […]

‘We want to stop cyber warfare, now we have to convince US & NATO’ – top Kremlin advisor

Russia wants to “prevent the militarization of cyber space” and create international rules that could prevent a new digital arms race, one of Vladimir Putin’s top communications tech advisors has said. “When humanity realized the horror of biological weapons, it banned them. We are in the same situation right now. We should avoid the mistakes […]

Selling your house? Having THIS in your home will convince buyers to put in an offer

A new study has revealed the most off-putting traits of a property that are most likely to convince buyers to put in an offer for a home.  The team at online window blinds provider quizzed 2,928 Britons for the study, all of whom had either purchased a new home within the past 12 months, […]