America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell to Skip Live Shows After Breaking Back

RELATED STORIES Simon Cowell will not surprisingly be skipping America’s Got Talent‘s first two live shows this week as he recovers from back surgery. An NBC rep confirms to TVLine that Cowell will be MIA during AGT‘s inaugural live episodes on Tuesday Aug. 11 and Wednesday Aug. 12. Cowell broke his back on Saturday while testing […]

Apple will skip 5G in 2019, report says

Enlarge / From left to right: the iPhone 8, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR, and the iPhone XS Max. (credit: Samuel Axon) Apple will not introduce an iPhone capable of taking advantage of faster 5G cellular data networks in 2019, a report from Bloomberg says. Citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, the report specifies […]

Diabetes type 2: Never skip this meal in the day if you want to control the condition

DIABETES type 2 is a condition that causes the level of sugar in the blood to become too high. It’s usually caused by being overweight or obese so eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the best ways to prevent and control this type of diabetes. This includes never skipping a particular meal in […]

The Americanization of Volkswagen Won’t Skip Brand’s Electric Hippie Bus, Crossover

In the wake of Volkswagen Group’s diesel emissions scandal, VW turned its attention to electric vehicles. Yup, EVs, and many, many crossovers. Can’t forget those. At the time, building the brand’s future EVs in America seemed like the right thing to do — good PR, and good penance for its dirty crimes. The plan’s still […]

White House disinvites Philadelphia Eagles from visit after team indicates some players would skip the ceremony

Rich Schultz/Getty The White House disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles from its traditional post-championship visit on Monday after some players indicated they would not be attending. While the Eagles were prepared to send a smaller delegation, the White House instead chose to cancel their invitation altogether. In 2017, several Patriots players chose to skip the visit, […]

The kitchen gadgets you should buy (and the ones you can skip)

With so many connected devices making their way into our living rooms and bedrooms and onto our persons, it was no surprise when gadgets started making their way into our kitchens. You can buy so many WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled widgets to help out with your cooking now, from smart Crock-Pots to app-controlled cooktops. Some are […]

Trump will skip South America summit to plan Syria response

Published time: 10 Apr, 2018 13:30 Donald Trump intends to skip a planned summit in South America. The president will instead remain in the US to oversee the American response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria by government forces. Trump was due to attend the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru on […]

The Fed’s plan to unwind its $4 trillion balance sheet didn’t skip a beat even amid last month’s market turmoil

Thomson Reuters In September, the Fed announced a plan to gradually wind down its massive bond purchases made during and after the financial crisis. That plan has been proceeding on schedule, despite turmoil in markets in February. The fifth month of the QE-Unwind came to a completion with the release this afternoon of the Fed’s balance […]