The 100’s Eliza Taylor Ponders Clarke’s Uncertain Fate as Josephine Takes Over

RELATED STORIES Now that Eliza Taylor‘s character has been unwittingly co-opted by a mysterious individual named Josephine, every fan of The CW’s The 100 wants to know one thing: Is the Clarke Griffin we know and love really… dead? “Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?” Eliza Taylor tells TVLine. “I was reading comments on Twitter, […]

Man who killed 100s of deer is sentenced to watch cartoon classic Bambi repeatedly

A Missouri man, convicted for illegally killing hundreds of deer just for their heads, has been jailed and ordered by a judge to repeatedly watch Disney’s Bambi as part of his punishment. David Berry Jr. was told to watch the classic animated movie at least once every month during his one-year jail sentence. Lawrence County […]

Compulsive gambling, sex from popular drug? Answer to 100s of lawsuits looms

Enlarge / Bottles of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Abilify brand medication sits on a pharmacy shelf in Princeton, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) Makers of the blockbuster drug Abilify have until September 1 to come up with a way to settle more than 800 lawsuits that claim the anti-psychotic and […]

100s of militants & civilians leave Harasta, East Ghouta, under official pact (DRONE VIDEO)

Hundreds of militants and their families have begun leaving the town of Harasta in East Ghouta on Thursday, under a special, Russian-brokered agreement with the Syrian government, which will see them transported to Idlib province. Two videos of Thursday’s mass evacuation have been obtained by RT’s Ruptly video agency. The drone footage shows a caravan […]

Martin Lewis: How you could be owed £100s if you have ever used THIS credit card

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, 45, appeared on ITV show Good Morning Britain this morning to help the nation save some money. He tackled credit card users who could be owed hundreds of pounds if using the Vanquis credit card. This includes other cards such as Argos, Aquis, Black Diamond, Chrome, Granite, NEO, Origin, Progress, Vanquis […]

US families illegally adopted 100s of Chilean children during Pinochet dictatorship

A bombshell report by the Chilean judiciary has revealed that hundreds of children illegally adopted by foreigners during the Pinochet dictatorship were sent to the US. A judge overseeing the probe called it “kidnapping.” Judge Mario Carroza’s report, released Sunday, followed a probe into 579 adoptions between 1950 and 2001, 488 of those during the […]

Turkish army claims 100s of Kurdish ‘terrorists’ killed amid ‘Olive Branch’ op

Hundreds of Kurdish fighters were “neutralized” and numerous targets were destroyed amid the ongoing operation ‘Olive Branch’ in northern Syria, the Turkish military reports. Read more The Turkish Armed Forces “are resolutely continuing their struggle against the [Kurdish] terrorist organizations [in Syria] with the aim of ensuring the security of our country and people,” the military […]

Martin Lewis: How to make £100s without leaving your house

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, 45, appeared on This Morning today to talk about how you can make money from your living room. The money saving expert advised that, through doing a “personal stock take”, you can shift unwanted items and make money, on sites such as eBay. Inspired by shops getting rid of their […]

Doing THIS very normal thing in Venice could get you FINED 100s of pounds

If you’ve ever fed pigeons before, be warned: it could mean you part with wads of hard earned cash, that is if you do it in St. Mark’s Square, located in the centre of Venice. City officials banned the common practice of feeding the local pigeons that frequent the square, in a bid to stop […]