Former US nuclear command officer charged with diverting military contracts to her own company

US Navy Captain Heather Cole has been charged with criminal conspiracy after failing to disclose her active-duty military status while negotiating over half a million dollars in defense contracts with her own company. Cole pleaded not guilty before court martial and is set to go to trial in December on charges of criminal conspiracy linked […]

Lowe’s and Home Depot have emergency command centers monitoring Florence and thousands of trucks loaded and ready to go to stores in the storm’s path (HD, LOW)

Ken Blevins/The Star-News via AP Hurricane Florence has people turning to local hardware and supply stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace for assistance that the government can’t necessarily provide. These outlets have emergency command centers and meteorologists on duty. After 2017’s brutal hurricane season, Home Depot had revenue of more than $ 100 billion, […]

I got inside a Tour de France team car, the mobile command center for the world’s best cyclists — here’s what I saw

Daniel McMahon/Business Insider PARIS — Think Tour de France and you think bikes, but what keeps things moving behind the scenes for the teams in the world’s preeminent two-wheeled event are the countless cars, trucks, and buses following the race. La Grande Boucle — the Great Loop — is often a grueling three-week slog, so […]

Expanding ‘chokehold’ on Russia: Analysts to RT on NATO’s plan for new command centers

Building two command centers in the US and Germany, NATO is either preparing to take on Russia or executing its “suffocation” strategy against Moscow, military analysts told RT. “NATO had 33 military commands during the Cold War, but they reduced the number of those commands to seven,” Alexander Bartosh, former Russian diplomat and military expert […]

American Raj? Pentagon renames PACOM to ‘Indo-Pacific Command’

Say goodbye to the Pacific Command and hello to the US Indo-Pacific Command: the Pentagon has renamed the US military’s largest geographical component to reflect growing overtures from Washington to India. “Relationships with our Pacific and Indian Ocean allies and partners have proven critical to maintaining regional stability,” US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on […]

Scandal Recap: Command Control Shift

With only four episodes left in Scandal‘s run, the battle lines have never been clearer — so why is it taking these characters so long to recognize them?! PHOTOSEllen Pompeo Talks Grey’s Exits: ‘I’m Not Involved in These Decisions’ This is where things got… frustrating. Even with Fitz backing up Olivia’s claims, Mellie refused to […]

Alienware revamps its Command Center app with a centralized game hub

Enlarge / The revamped Alienware Command Center’s home screen, with its game library on the right. (credit: Jeff Dunn) Another quick update out of CES: Gaming PC maker Alienware is refreshing the Command Center software that comes paired with its line of notebooks and desktops. The overhauled settings app will first arrive in February on […]

Inside the secret command bunker where China’s top leaders will go to survive nuclear war

CCTV+/YouTube The Central Military China Commission’s Joint Battle Command Centre is located just northwest of the Forbidden City in Beijing.  It is dug into a massive mountain complex with deep tunnels. The cave complexes inside the mountains are potentially the “world’s most deeply buried karst caves.” A nuclear bunker for China’s top leadership, their subordinates, […]

Jailed Russian hacker: I hacked Democrats ‘under the command’ of Russian intelligence agents

Thomson Reuters A Russian hacker told a Moscow court in August that he was ordered to hack the Democratic National Committee by Russian intelligence agents at the FSB. The hacker was arrested in mid-2016 on charges relating to his work with a notorious hacking collective. Kozlovsky’s work with the FSB could undermine the Kremlin’s repeated […]

Google’s Waze goes hands-free with new voice command and gets motorcycle mode for tailored navigation

Waze is getting a couple of new features today as the Google-owned navigation app targets two-wheeled motorists and doubles down on its safety credentials. First up is motorcycle mode, a feature that has been frequently requested by users in the past and which will give riders tailored routes and arrival times based on their chosen mode of transport. […]