The UK is expanding drone no-fly zones around major airports

Just a couple of months after drone sightings grounded flights at one of the UK’s busiest travel hubs, the nation is expanding drone no-fly zones around airports. As of Wednesday, the no-fly radius is widening from one kilometer to five kilometers (around three miles). In December, drones spotted near Gatwick Airport led to flight operations […]

Chevrolet Performance Expanding Crate Options for Project Cars

Chevrolet is responding to Dodge’s introduction of a Hellcat-based crate engine intended for project cars that absolutely have to produce an obscene amount of horsepower. The “Hellcrate” was introduced last year, making 707 hp, for the low price of $ 19,530 — which actually sounds kind of expensive when you say it out loud. Not to be outdone, […]

Whose name should be on the laws of physics for an expanding universe?

Enlarge / A monument in Belgium to Georges Lemaitre that shows his idea of an expanding universe. (credit: Wikimedia/EmDee, CC BY-SA) Astronomers are engaged in a lively debate over plans to rename one of the laws of physics. It emerged overnight at the 30th Meeting of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), in Vienna, where members […]

Expanding ‘chokehold’ on Russia: Analysts to RT on NATO’s plan for new command centers

Building two command centers in the US and Germany, NATO is either preparing to take on Russia or executing its “suffocation” strategy against Moscow, military analysts told RT. “NATO had 33 military commands during the Cold War, but they reduced the number of those commands to seven,” Alexander Bartosh, former Russian diplomat and military expert […]

Amazon appears to be expanding its Prime Wardrobe service

Last June, Amazon announced a clothes-by-mail service so Prime customers could try out new apparel without committing to buying it ahead of time. The service has been in beta ever since, but TechCrunch reports that it has now reached more customers. A number of people have tweeted that they have received an invitation to try […]

Chairman Beattie: ‘I’m committed to expanding’

Video Chairman Beattie: ‘I’m committed to expanding’4:25 NRL: Peter Beattie talks to the press about his role as ARL Chairman, and where he sees the game heading in the future. February 21st 2018 2 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/NRL News/ NRL News Chairman Beattie: ‘I’m committed to expanding’4:25 February 21st 2018 3 minutes ago […]

Swedish CEO: Amazon is expanding to Sweden within 12 months — ‘then we’re all dead’

Richard Brian/Reuters Amazon is rumored to be establishing itself in Sweden soon. Nicklas Storåkers, CEO of comparison site Pricerunner, says that when it happens, no e-commerce players in the country stand a chance.   One of the hottest topics in Swedish e-commerce right now, is when — not if — Amazon will establish itself in the country. […]

Researchers now updating and expanding evolution’s list of 20 amino acids

(credit: Spencer Katz) Serine? So last century. Valine? Over it. Glycine? You’ve got to be kidding me. Those chemicals are part of the 20 amino acids that are typically incorporated into proteins. That means they have a dedicated place in what’s called the genetic code, which translates between the bases of DNA to the amino acids of […]

Walmart is slowly expanding its Uber-powered grocery delivery

Walmart has been testing a grocery delivery service since 2013, when it expanded from San Francisco and San Jose to the Denver market. It’s been using ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to deliver the goods since last year, in Denver and Phoenix. The company is now expanding the delivery service to two new cities: […]