The US Navy ship that got walloped by rough seas on the way to NATO’s biggest exercise in years is coming home

US Navy/Mass Comm. Specialist 3rd Class Colbey Livingston The amphibious dock landing ship Gunston Hall began making its way back to Virginia this week after heavy seas caused damage last month that forced it to miss NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise in Europe. The crew reported battered landing craft and well deck barriers after encountering rough […]

Russian Bear bomber gate crashes NATO’s largest drill since Cold War (PHOTOS)

A Russian Tu-142 bomber blindsided a US flagship taking part in NATO’s massive Trident Juncture 18 drills off Norway. Spectacular photos of the flyby have expectedly sparked a media uproar, while Moscow called the flight routine. The plane appeared in the air at the very moment the marines on board the USS Mount Whitney, the […]

Trump’s sharp criticism of NATO’s newest member has a point, but his comments are playing right into Russia’s hands

Reuters President Trump added to his criticisms of NATO just days after a summit with the alliance’s leaders. Trump expressed skepticism about Montenegro and called its people “very aggressive.” Montenegro is a southern European country far from Russia with a military of only 3,400 troops. Russia strongly objected to it joining NATO and reportedly tried […]

Expanding ‘chokehold’ on Russia: Analysts to RT on NATO’s plan for new command centers

Building two command centers in the US and Germany, NATO is either preparing to take on Russia or executing its “suffocation” strategy against Moscow, military analysts told RT. “NATO had 33 military commands during the Cold War, but they reduced the number of those commands to seven,” Alexander Bartosh, former Russian diplomat and military expert […]

Russia to sell Turkey 4 S-400 missile batteries that won’t work with NATO’s systems

  Thomson Reuters Russia will supply Turkey with four S-400 missile defense systems, and the deal is almost final. The Russian system won’t integrate with Turkey’s NATO infrasturcture, but Turkey is going ahead anyway. MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia will supply Turkey with four divisions of S-400 surface-to-air missile divisions for $ 2.5 billion under a […]

Kohl wouldn’t allow war against Yugoslavia, Merkel only follows NATO’s rhetoric – Willy Wimmer

Published time: 2 Jul, 2017 12:09 Edited time: 2 Jul, 2017 12:12 Helmut Kohl, Germany’s first post-Cold War chancellor, wouldn’t have allowed the war against former Yugoslavia, Willy Wimmer, ex-VP of the OSCE Assembly told RT, adding that the current chancellor, Angela Merkel, only follows NATO’s instructions. Kohl, who served as Germany’s chancellor from 1982 […]

Russia has a way to reduce NATO’s combat power, and Norway appears to be ‘breaking a taboo’ to deal with it

AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko NATO members in Eastern Europe have for some time been raising alarm about increasing Russian activity in the region. In the months ahead of Russia’s joint military exercises with Belarus this autumn — the largest such exercise in years — NATO has deployed units throughout the Baltics and Eastern Europe, and Lithuania […]

Austria blasts past Germany to win NATO’s tank games (VIDEO)

Published time: 13 May, 2017 14:26 An Austrian tank platoon came in first in this year’s NATO tank competition, co-hosted by the US and Germany. Newcomer Ukraine finished second to last, beating out Poland. The annual Strong Europe Tank Challenge at the US Army’s Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany this week featured teams from NATO […]

‘Dream of generations’: Poland officially welcomes US contingent of NATO’s Russia-deterrent force

Poland has officially welcomed the US soldiers who will form the backbone of NATO’s multinational battalion in the country as part of the bloc’s enhanced strategy to contain Russia. President Duda said it is something Poles have “dreamt of for generations.” The American contingent of 900 troops, who arrived in Poland in March, will serve […]

‘Nodding like bobbleheads’: Putin slams NATO’s support for US violation of intl law in Syria

The missile strike on Syria was a clear breach of international law, while Washington’s claim that Damascus carried out the chemical attack that the US used as its casus belli is yet to be proven by any hard evidence, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Read more “What was the reaction of the NATO allies? All […]