China appears to have breached HPE and IBM, hacked into clients’ computers

REUTERS/Thomas Peter Hackers linked to China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) breached Hewlett Packard and IBM, then broke into clients’ computers, according to Reuters. The attacks were part of a Chinese campaign known as Cloudhopper, which the US and Britain on Thursday said infected technology service providers in order to steal secrets. While cybersecurity firms […]

Two Scandinavian backpackers hacked to death in Morocco, mother spammed with gruesome images

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway were both stabbed to death and one was beheaded on camera. Footage of the appalling attack has been posted to one of their mother’s Facebook. Friends and family have urged people not to view the video which has been shared across social media. […]

Recommended Reading: Midterms have already been hacked

The midterms are already hacked. You just don’t know it yet. Benjamin Wofford, Vox The concerns regarding voting processes in the US are nothing new, especially when it comes to vulnerabilities. Vox is the latest to take an in-depth look at the troubling issues surrounding voting systems ahead of the midterms on November 6th. And […]

The 21-year-old who built a robot lawyer to fight parking tickets has a new tool to help you automatically sue companies who get hacked (FB, TWTR)

Joshua Browder Automated legal tool DoNotPay is trying to help people lock down their online privacy settings and sue companies that get hacked. Created by 21-year-old entrepreneur Joshua Browder, DoNotPay started out by helping users challenge parking tickets. It has since expanded into more than a thousand new areas, from getting flight discounts to assisting […]

The Morning After: Facebook got hacked

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! We’ll look into Facebook’s unfortunate exposure, Photokina, Oculus Connect and other big events from this week like Google’s 20th birthday. Happy birthday!Facebook hack exposed info on up to 50 million users Early Friday, a white-hat hacker briefly promised to live stream a bid to access […]

Facebook HACKED: More than 50 MILLION accounts exposed in major attack

Facebook has today revealed a huge data breach that affects 50million accounts worldwide. Attackers managed to exploit a feature that allowed to take over scores of Facebook user accounts. The social networking giant has said they have fixed the vulnerability and informed officials. The news comes after earlier today more than 90million Facebook users were […]

A group of researchers showed how a Tesla Model S can be hacked and stolen in seconds using only $600 worth of equipment (TSLA)

Alphr Researchers from KU Leuven university in Belgium demonstrated that hackers can secretly clone the key fob of a Tesla Model S and steal the car within seconds — and with only $ 600 worth of simple computing and radio equipment, WIRED reports. The researchers brought their findings to Tesla — which rewarded them for exposing […]