‘Destiny 2’ cheat maker AimJunkies claims Bungie hacked them

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been on a legal spree recently: It sued one user over cheating and threats against its employees, as well as a YouTuber who issued nearly 100 false DMCA claims against other creators. But after suing the cheat developer AimJunkies last year, Bungie is now facing a countersuit. AimJunkies claims the […]

Bungie and Activision announce Destiny partnership split, PS4 and Xbox roadmap remains

In a new update today, Bungie and Activision confirmed that they would be splitting their partnership over the Destiny series. Bungie will now take over all responsibilities when it comes to the game franchise moving forward. Activision has acknowledged that they are rescinding the rights to the Destiny property, with Bungie assuming full publishing rights. […]

China’s NetEase invests $100 million in Bungie to make new games

Bungie, the studio behind hits like Halo, Myth and Destiny, has announced a new deal with Chinese online gaming company NetEase to “build new worlds and invite players, new and old, to join us there.” In China NetEase publishes several Blizzard games like Overwatch, Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, among other titles. GamesIndustry reports that […]

Destiny 2 servers down as Bungie release new update today

The development team have confirmed that Destiny 2 servers are down for maintenance. The scheduled release of a new update is being primed, with the hotfix going live very soon. The game’s servers should be back online within the hour, or by around 7pm BST. Bungie have confirmed that they will be releasing the patch […]

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons: Bungie reveal loot and rewards

The development have launched the latest Destiny 2 Iron Banner event, which includes new rewards and weapons. The latest PvP clash will run until Tuesday, March 13, when Bungie performs their usual Weekly Reset. The game type for this week’s event is Clash, although the development team have confirmed they have some changes planned. Iron […]

Bungie promises to rebalance Destiny 2’s loot boxes, raids

Enlarge (credit: Bungie, Inc.) In its first development roadmap update of 2018, Destiny developer Bungie is promising to rebalance Destiny 2‘s microtransaction and raids systems to give players more satisfying rewards that are less dependent on luck. In the lengthy development update posted Thursday evening, Game Director Christopher Barrett admitted up front that, currently, “the scales are […]

Bungie feeds ‘Destiny 2’ trolls a ridiculously overpowered gun

Bungie responded to Destiny 2 player’s complaints by cancelling a planned “Curse of Osiris” DLC livestream to detail new changes. The developers added more endgame rewards, a new weapon class and an improved economy to address those concerns. Recently, a massively overpowered, game breaking laser gun called the Prometheus Lens was available to high-level players […]

Destiny 2 news: DLC release date, Osiris expansion details, New Bungie Raid lair

The Destiny 2 Osiris DLC release date has been confirmed for Tuesday, December 5. Players may begin to pre-load Curse of Osiris starting at 4pm GMT on the day, with the following storage requirements: PlayStation 4: 88 GB – Xbox One: 44 GB – PC: 68 GB. The actual release time for the new Destiny […]

Bungie opens up about Destiny 2 changes after hidden “scaling” debacle

Enlarge / Bigger weapons and clearer XP gains are coming to Destiny 2, along with private competitive matches. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, intrepid player-investigators caught Bungie misleading players about how much experience they were actually getting for repeated quests in the game. In the wake of that embarrassing revelation, Bungie last night posted a lengthy […]