Spinning in Circles: Mazda’s Rotary Ambitions Still Very Much Alive

It seems like we get a new update about Mazda’s plan for the rotary engine every few months. The automaker kept tinkering with the technology after the RX-8’s demise, but efficiency mandates left the high-revving Wankel on the sidelines, prohibiting the introduction of a true successor to the rotary coupe. Yet the motor hung around […]

WATCH: Nail-biting moment great white shark circles police boat during operation

A viral video has captured the moment a police dinghy in Australia was stalked by a huge great white shark. Measuring at 4.5 metres long, the animal was longer than the inflatable raft itself and reportedly followed the boat for ten minutes. It also circled the 5.7-metre fishing boat that it had been approaching in […]

Google Maps: Do these weird crop circles give us alien PROOF on earth?

Google Maps crop circles suggest we have strong alien proof, pointing to their presence on the planet earth. A Google Earth satellite image, taken from space, pictures a spooky pattern of crop circles etched into a field – were these crop circles left by aliens?  The concentric crop circles, spotted in New Castle, Colorado, US, closely […]

Did Jose Mourinho say THIS at his press conference? Online theory circles on Man Utd boss

Jose Mourinho was furious after Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester City at Old Trafford on Sunday. The United boss accused Pep Guardiola’s side of getting all the decisions and took offence to the manner in which City celebrated their win. Things boiled over in the tunnel after the final whistle, leading to a scrap […]

The Devil’s Eights Is About Conquering The Circles Of Hell To Sweet Tunes

The Devil’s Eight is a boss-centric game where players can’t simply grind their way up to defeat their foes, but instead must hone their skills in order to advance. On top of these invigorating battles, bosses will have their own design, as well as music that works in tandem with their attacks, giving each circle […]

WATCH: Great white shark ‘BIGGER than the boat’ circles terrified family in Australia

Hair-raising footage captured the moment a great white shark measuring some 16 feet in length gave a fisherman and his son the fright of their lives.  Craig Hudson was out fishing with his 10-year-old child off the coast of Busselton in Western Australia.  When the monster shark started to circle their boat, Craig started filming.  […]