Greeted with protests & ‘Tr*mp Trump’ crop circle, US leader feels ‘unwelcome’ in UK (VIDEOS)

US President has received a lukewarm welcome on the first day of his official visit to the UK. Besides a crowd of protesters, a massive ‘Tr*mp Trump’ crop circle farmland sign, visible from his plane, greeted the US leader. Just as Donald and Melania Trump landed at Standsted Airport, hundreds of protesters began to gather […]

Google Maps: Do these weird crop circles give us alien PROOF on earth?

Google Maps crop circles suggest we have strong alien proof, pointing to their presence on the planet earth. A Google Earth satellite image, taken from space, pictures a spooky pattern of crop circles etched into a field – were these crop circles left by aliens?  The concentric crop circles, spotted in New Castle, Colorado, US, closely […]

Google Maps street view MYSTERY: What does crop circle by secretive military site reveal?

Google Maps street view often reveal strange or funny sights from around the world. But sometimes they give an insight into unexplained secrets and mysteries. And one such image has the internet confused, trying to work out if it reveals the existence of aliens. A crop circle showing a perfect round sphere with a six […]

IGF 2018 celebrates a bumper crop of diverse and exciting entries

The 20th annual Independent Games Festival — the longest-running and largest showcase for independent game developers — recently closed its call for submissions, and organizers are very proud to proclaim that nearly 600 entries have been accepted into the IGF 2018 Competition. The long-running and perennially popular festival — which is co-located with Game Developers […]

John Deere bought an AI company to optimize crop spraying

Want to know how pervasive AI is becoming in seemingly all facets of daily life? Just ask Deere & Company. The John Deere brand owner just acquired Blue River Technology, which uses machine learning and computer vision to target herbicide spraying at just the weed-infested portions of a farm field. The technology can minimize both […]

How Volvo’s using self-steering trucks to help sugarcane farmers improve crop yield

A day doesn’t go by without self-driving cars hitting the headlines, with Honda the latest company to reveal its plans — the Japanese carmaker wants autonomous vehicles on city roads by 2025. But long before they hit conurbations around the world, we’re already seeing an uptick in self-driving vehicles used for very specific, niche scenarios. Volvo is […]

ESPN is being accused of Photoshopping Tiger Woods’ mugshot to make his hair look better, but it may have just been a sloppy crop

Tiger Woods made headlines on Monday when he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Now, ESPN is being accused of Photoshopping his mugshot to make his hair look better. While ESPN was reporting on the arrest, they showed Woods’ mugshot. However, it appeared that his hair in the mugshot had been “tidied […]