Pauley Perrette ‘Terrified’ of NCIS Star Mark Harmon, Revives ‘Assault’ Claim

RELATED STORIES Just over a year after first cryptically alluding to “multiple physical assaults” on the NCIS set, Pauley Perrette has shed more light on her claims — and in doing do put series lead Mark Harmon in the crosshairs. In a Friday tweet that didn’t appear to be in response to anything in particular, […]

Nicholas Hoult terrified his wig would catch alight during filming of The Favourite 

The X-Men star wears a towering white curly wig as politician Robert Harley in the black Regency comedy, set in the court of Queen Anne. He said: “They weren’t too hot but they were more of a fire hazard because in the film they use natural light of candlelight and there were a lot of open […]

Bohemian Rhapsody: Rami Malek reveals what TERRIFIED him about Freddie Mercury

Malek makes it look so easy. His portrayal of the Queen legend is so relaistic even the band themselves have admitted they sometimes forgot they were watching an actor. The young star has already received Best Actor nominations for the 2019 Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild and more award season glory looks inevitable. Audiences […]

Horror Remake Roundup: Guillermo del Toro is ‘Terrified’, David Gordon Green Wants More ‘Critters’ or ‘Ghoulies’, and Rob Zombie’s Abandoned ‘Blob’

You want horror remake news? We’ve got horror remake news for you, baby! Get it while it’s spooky! First: Guillermo del Toro has confirmed he’s working on an American remake of the scary Argentinean horror film Terrified. Then, Halloween director David Gordon Green expresses interest in remaking either Critters or Ghoulies (maybe, he could be joking). And […]

Terrified passengers watch their jet engine falling apart on takeoff (VIDEOS)

Dozens of passengers of a Frontier Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Florida have suffered probably the most chilling 15 minutes of their lives, after an engine on their jet was partially torn apart, forcing an emergency landing. A section of the jet engine cowling was torn apart after it came loose during Frontier Flight […]

Three years after authoring one of the greatest seasons in NBA history, Stephen Curry has somehow gotten better and the league should be terrified

Ezra Shaw/Getty Through nine games, Stephen Curry is on pace to top his 2015-16 MVP season, considered one of the best offensive seasons in NBA history. Curry is scoring more points, more efficiently than ever, and seems to have even more mastery on the offensive end. Few people thought Curry could win another MVP playing […]

WATCH: Terrified tourists flee Mallorca beach after 10-foot shark spotted in sea

Tourists were forced to evacuate a beach in Mallorca following the discovery of a 10-foot shark in the water. Many families with young children were swimming in the sea at Cala Domingos during the incident. In a video, the large shark could be seen circling a boat in the water. Many people were standing on […]

WATCH: Terrified kayakers chased by great white shark while fishing in Australia

The two men were attempting to fish when one of them spotted the large beast. Ken Gerke, one of the kayakers, told his friend David Barwise: “It’s chasing me. In the video, he can be heard saying: “I can hear him coming. “Like I’m paddling, and I can hear him thumping away behind me.” In […]

WATCH: Tourists left terrified after stroking lion during safari – only for this to happen

The viral video, posted by Wildlife Sightings, capture the moment a group of tourists experienced a safari trip in Tanzania. Using a jeep to drive through, they travel through the Serengeti National Park by vehicle. The group of tourists film the experience as they drive past a group of lions. With the window open, one […]

I was terrified that smartphones would harm my toddler, but the latest research suggests there are benefits

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Smartphones and tablets are irresistible to children, but many parents aren’t sure how to responsibly manage their use. Plus, scientists don’t really know how using interactive screens influences brain development. Meanwhile, screen-time guidelines have struggled to keep pace. The good news: Experts are beginning to discover some potential benefits for kids from […]