Pro-Russian bloggers on the front lines of the war are angry about the country’s military mistakes: ‘It’s time to punish the commanders who allowed these kinds of things’

Ukrainian servicemen drive a T-72 tank on the frontline in eastern Ukraine on July 13, 2022, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images Some pro-Russian bloggers are criticizing the Russian military's mistakes. Ukrainian counter-offenses have been retaking parts of the country from Russian forces. "It's time to punish the commanders who […]

How to Make Money with a Blog (According to 23 Successful Bloggers)

Not too long ago, you believed that making money with a blog was impossible. But after seeing dozens of income reports from other bloggers, you became hooked. Now you’re left wondering if you could achieve similar results. In this article, I’ll consolidate the lessons learned from some successful bloggers and get you the advice on […] makes it easier for bloggers to accept PayPal payments is making it easier for bloggers to accept online payments using PayPal. While the web-hosting service and publishing giant already supported PayPal payments, it involved a rather long-winded, nine-step, 15-minute process, starting with having to find your PayPal button code. Moving forward, things will be a lot quicker. “We knew that we wanted to make an […]