The Air Force has picked bases to test its new advanced bomber — here’s where the B-21 Raider is heading

Air Force/Handout via Reuters The Air Force expects to get the first of its new B-21 Raider bombers in the mid-2020s. This week, the Air Force named the bases that would support testing and maintenance for the new bomber. The service previously picked bases that would likely host the new bombers once the arrive. On […]

US Navy ships & training bases exposed as ‘highest risk’ in military sex assault report

Young female service members, especially navy sailors, face the highest risk of sexual assault among all the branches of the US armed forces, the Pentagon’s RAND Corporation study reveals, having ranked all military installations. Back in the summer of 2014, RAND conducted a survey of the sexual assault and sexual harassment experiences of some 170,000 […]

Thousands of children on US Army bases may have been poisoned by lead — and the service is discouraging costly inspections

Reuters The US military began privatizing housing more than a decade ago because it was supposed to protect service members’ families. Instead, some of their children are being poisoned by lead, and inspections are discouraged in part because lead abatement can be costly. From 2011 to 2016, Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas – which processes […]

Migrant kids could be held in US military bases at Mexico border

US military bases could soon be used as holding facilities for migrant children that have been separated from their parents at the southern border under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies. Officials from the US Department of Health and Human Services are planning to tour a number of military installations near the border in […]

The Air Force has picked 3 bases for its new next-generation bomber — here’s where the B-21 Raider is headed

The Air Force has picked 3 bases for its new next-generation bomber — here’s where the B-21 Raider is headed NOW WATCH: America’s B-2 stealth bomber is unlike any military aircraft in the world See Also: 9 reasons you should buy an iPhone 8 instead of an iPhone X The Air Force has picked 3 […]

Not fit for service: Russian military set to boot Coca Cola & Snickers bars off bases

Russian soldiers are set to lose access to Coca Cola and Snickers bars at canteens and vending machines installed at bases, says a representative from a state contractor. Read more “It is wrong when servicemen in military units claim that their favorite drink is Coca Cola and their favorite candy is Snickers. This situation is […]

Half of US military bases affected by climate change – Pentagon report

Climate change in the form of flooding, storm surges, wildfires or droughts is affecting 50 percent of 1,684 US military sites worldwide, according to a Pentagon study. “Changes in climate can potentially shape the environment in which we operate and the missions we are required to do,” said the US Department of Defense in a […]

Strava CEO responds after the company’s heat map may have compromised secret US military bases around the world

Strava Heat Map Strava CEO James Quarles released a statement following the publication of a fitness tracker heat map that may have exposed US military bases and sensitive humanitarian aide sites around the world. Quarles said he would work with the military and government to address potentially sensitive data, although it’s unclear how, since the data […]

“Heatmap” for social athlete’s app reveals secret bases, secret places

Enlarge / A heatmap of Strava “workout” data revealed sensitive locations around the world, including some mysterious places in Syria. (credit: Strava) On January 27, Nathan Ruser, a founder of the Institute for United Conflict Analysts, started looking at a rich source of geospatial data for locating military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and other […]

A map of fitness tracker data may have just compromised top secret US military bases around the world

An interactive heatmap from Strava appears to have exposed sensitive sites. Hackers or state actors could use the information to find bases. Chinese, Taiwanese, and other nations’ bases were exposed too, but as the US has the biggest global presence, it stands the most to lose. Over the weekend a company called Strava, a social […]